Fraud detection - Faster Payments

Does anyone know if Monzo fraud detection system can pick up account activity out of the blue / unusual account activity example sending large transfers to the same person but three different bank accounts over a short period of time. Multiple transfers within a single day as well.

I had a previous post regrading complaint, level other banks have picked this up before and stopped the transfers for fraud protection.

It seems I managed to bypass Monzo, fraud detection system speaking to the seniors who are dealing with the issue my account is not at risk or anything as said reasons for multiple transfers to same person is blackmail / scam / fraud.

I am however trying to find out if Monzo fraud system has triggered on faster payments.

I couldn’t quite understand your initial complaint post. Just for the sake of clarity, is this what happened?

Your Monzo > Person A, Account X
Your Monzo > Person A, Account Y
Your Monzo > Person A, Account Z

So three bank transfers from your account to three different accounts, all owned by the same

Sorry if I’m being dense.

Hello Ben,

Basically I got black mailed / scammed / fraud.

Said person held a monzo account made transfers to it to avoid stuff they had on me going public Monzo closed there account.

Person then made me send funds to there Barcalys, & Nationwide account yes same person but multiple accounts.

HSBC, and Barclays picked up on this after 6 transactions Monzo let it go on for over a couple thousand we are talking over 30K .

Monzo system never picked up on this, even tho this never matched my account activity it with the senior CEO team within Monzo.

My question is does Monzo have a same type of system like Barcalys and HSBC, that should have triggered because up to 6-10 bank transfers a day it triggered HSBC and Barcalys but Monzo just let it go through.

My question is does Monzo have a system to detect activity like this and stop it? Because if it has then its not worked in my case example HSBC and Barcalys froze my account instantly when it noticed this activity.

Monzo failed to even notice this account activity was random out of the blue, and has admitted to that hence why it with the senior team.

That’s a criminal matter. If you’ve been black mailed ring police

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It’s been done, but Monzo has admitted the fraud system failed to trigger.

I can’t say much of what has happend, all I know is it at the highest level of escalation within Monzo, threats blackmail the whole lot.

I have been afraid, Monzo would close my account but I have been told not to worry as the senior team even said on the phone my account is not getting closed.

I can’t thank Monzo enough the communication with the senior team has been the best customer services out of any bank.

Monzo did admit the fraud system should have kicked in when it noticed the activity changes on the account I can’t comment future.

It’s with the highest point of escalation within Monzo, honestly can’t thank Monzo enough.

Really sorry you had to go through this.

But what Monzo have inbuilt to detect these things, they are not going to make pubic. If they say "It’s anything more than 4 a day, total of £10k or more than £3k per transfer etc etc then all it will do is alert people to what the limits are and to stay under it.


Yes, no bank will admit the systems in place to prevent fraud and protect customers.

Honestly can’t thank Monzo enough.

You’ll have to be careful as since you paid them they’ll most likely keep threatening you over and over since they know it works to get the funds.

If the black mailer returns don’t send anything just report it.

I have deleted all social media links to myself including personal all accounts are closed and changed phone numbers with EE.

I can’t thank Monzo enough though it’s at the highest level of escalation and moving as quick as possible.

That’s nice. It’s a pain it happened to you as it’s a frustrating mannor - I did the exact same and around 10 months after join back and these days when someone asks for my number I give them a disposable number I have from a app rather than my real one

Hopefully monzo gets back to you soon

Monzo are honestly the best bank doing all they can with the senior team.

What are good apps for disposable numbers?

They’re a few I originally won a $30 gift card on Twitter to use for one called ‘Hushed’ and that $30 let me get my own number where I can receive,send texts and ring for a year.
I’m not sure if the prices have changed as I have around 2 months left so it was a while ago

But they’re plenty! A quick search will find them in the App Store and the best thing is they’re 100% anonymous and private so the company doesn’t look at what you’re writing unless of course the police requested it

Thanks, I take a look.

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Just be careful with what you say online as it can be very easy to link things together

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This has happened to you before?

That’s kinda what made me warn him about it can happen again since I thought the same from that statement.

Only on a £600 transfer Barclays & HSBC to the same person, monzo let the transfer go though the other banks stopped it.

Monzo did reach out to me and asked why my account activity is so odd right now, then I explained everything it with the senior team as the fraud system failed to trigger.

Monzo is my main bank account, HSBC is my only other account and that basic as heck where a large amount of cash is stored from savings, and inheritance.

Couldn’t you just have told the blackmailer that Monzo has blocked your account when it hit the same level as the other two accounts?

How did they know you had £30,000 to send them? That’s beyond the vast majority of people to raise