Why did Monzo close my account the day I received my tax return?

Fun fact… I got fired on July (Coronafired to be precise). Therefore, I am jobless … I had to go back to France (to my parents home ! yes !) No money, no job, I was counting on this money from HMRC for ages. The day where I finally received my payment Monzo decided to freeze, then close (kicked me out, no reason) and is now pretending they need 1 month to send my money back to another account… A nice and clean scam. I am speachless… If they expect making profit this way its pathetic. I suggest to find another alternative for internet banking, its aweful.

Are you sure it’s not because you’re in France?

A lot of UK banks are closing accounts belonging to those who live in the EEA because of Brexit (there is no longer any passporting rights).


Correlation does not equal causation.

Nobody here can help you with your account, but Monzo are not running a scam. If your money is legitimate, you’ll get it back.

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