Monzo have blocked my account for no reason at all

I’m a single parent of 6 and have only recently been with monzo, they have decided to close my account for no reason and I still have over 300 pound of my children’s benefits in it

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We are just customers here, we can’t help you I’m afraid.

Monzo will have closed your account because it believes something has happened. You will get your money back.

If you can’t get to the help section/chat, then you can email but I wouldn’t expect them to re-open the account.

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There is a reason, they just won’t tell you. There’s nothing you can do, except apply for an account elsewhere.


This is as far as you’ll get here to be fair, no one about here can help. You’ll just have to contact them and wait

I honestly have no reason at all for them to close it but to be honest all I want is my money, I have no other income so really need that money

Well unfortunately they think not all you can do is contact them and wait, the links above all help and as frank as it sounds that’s it, nothing else can be done.

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What’s the link :point_up_2:?


A good read

Just came across this on The Graun

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Banks are obliged to report any activity they deem suspicious to the National Crime Agency (NCA) which has up to 31 days to investigate. During that time, the funds have to be frozen and the bank commits a criminal offence if it tells the customer why.

Where was Anna Tims when Watchdog did their hit piece on Monzo? :sweat_smile:

For all the millions of words that have been spent, that one paragraph ends up being a precise and succient summarisation of the issue. Can we save it and use it every time someone complains in future?


Go right ahead. I’ve personally bookmarked your post on that basis

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On further reading of the comments, there’s someone who says:

I had a similar problem with Lloyds, who closed two of my accounts and kept the money. I didn’t have a huge amount in the two accounts that they closed but it took me six years to get it back

And plenty of other stories about plenty of other banks. Only apparent difference between them and Monzo is that none of the other banks have community boards.

Two conclusions, easily drawn:

  • The law is a ass. Given the number of pissed off people, banks would surely love to give more information - but their hands are tied.
  • People are going to blame the banks and not the law anyway. Even when they’ve just read an article saying the law is to blame. :sob:

I do kind of wait for them to close my accounts after I’ve shifted a chunk of my savings around. I always think it must look ‘suspicious’ to be receiving a large amount and immediately sending it out somewhere else.

Luckily it’s not happened yet.

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I’ve had my account temporarily frozen with Lloyds for this once, but it was sorted with a visit that day to the bank to explain. To freeze and report to the NCA must take something a bit more.

I would imagine in the grand scheme of things this is fairly normal.

They’ll never reveal what the triggers are, but if that was one, then a lot more people would be getting their accounts closed.

Hi my account has also been frozen today with ove 2k in and been on phone all morning and no one to talk to and still waiting a reply from chat since 8am

Sorry to hear that. See this post further up

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