Financial Ombudsman Service decisions

You only have to look here

If you do a search for Monzo complaints that are NOT upheld you’ll see the FOS states quite clearly the bank has a right to close down accounts without giving a reason. They must give proper notice which I think 2 months is reasonable considering CASS takes 7 days.

I’m not saying I agree with what’s going on here but I certainly wouldn’t expect the FOS to to back a complaint based on the information provided so far


That’s an hour of my afternoon gone :joy: Some of those complaints are hilarious.


I know the feeling :laughing:

I’ve read everything all the way back to October from Starling, Monzo and Revolut

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I’ve read all of Monzo’s, and about twice a year I catch up with all the new ones since the last time I read them. There are very clear patterns through most of the complaints!

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Any highlights? :rofl:

I’ve just read one about a guy who didn’t want to change his PIN after suspected fraud because it was too much of an inconvenience.

It will have taken far longer go through Monzos complaints process and then this one, nevermind the fact that it was for his own benefit :rofl:

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The last complaint is from someone who had their account instantly closed, nevermind 2 months notice and that wasn’t upheld.

It seems like as long as they return your money in a reasonable timeframe (3 days in the case I read) you’ve not got a leg to stand on.

Mr P purchased a drone online on 19 December 2019 using his e-money provider account (who I shall refer to as ‘X’) which was funded by his Monzo Bank branded credit card, which was administered by a major credit card provider (who I shall refer to as ‘Z’).

Say wut?


My favourite

Miss E complains that Monzo Bank Ltd reported her account to a credit reference agency without her consent, and wrongly reported it as the wrong kind of account.

In brief, she didn’t realise it was a current account, she thought she had a pre paid account (with an overdraft :man_shrugging:).


Being dissatisfied with Monzo’s response, Miss E brought this complaint to our Service. She asked for £10,000 compensation.


Monzo say Mr B made 5,231 referrals under the scheme of which 2,246 didn’t qualify for the bonus because the referee hadn’t completed all of the steps required.

Crikey. I only managed three referrals total, and only one of them was when I would get any money myself


Monzo say Mr B made 5,231 referrals under the scheme of which 2,246 didn’t qualify for the bonus because the referee hadn’t completed all of the steps required.

Guy made almost £15k from referrals. I bet it’s one of those Facebook/Instagram adverts we saw back when


I can see why he is pissed off that his gravy train was directed into the sidings, but I am going to require that new world’s smallest violin that scientists recently created


I did not know these are available! This is what I could spend hours reading!

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I found this one last year from an insurance company complaint


X = PayPal (or similar)
Z = MasterCard

is my guess.


Yep, that is what I imagined too, but not sure FOS really had a handle on things there! Interestingly inexact details for a formal finding

I’ve moved out all the discussion about FOS decisions here now for the reasons discussed in the other topic

This one really spun out

having made enquiries himself with one of the retailers (A), he realised he had in fact made the earlier transactions and his arrest by officers must have been later in the day.

Upheld, but not many impositions upon Monzo in the end

Posted this reply in the wrong topic first as I hadn’t noticed it had been moved. So here it is on the right place.

I believe certain aspects are generalised so they can be applied to all cases that match, rather than having to use different wording for different specific products.

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He did get the money back, which Monzo had refused, for the transactions.