Is it possible to permanently save payee bank details?

(Chris Deeming) #1

I have never noticed this before, because there’s a few payees I pay regularly through bank transfer so they appear under “Recent payments”.

But my mother just asked me how to save payees, because one of her payees no longer appears in “Recent”.

It seems like a fairly basic feature so I’m kind of surprised about its omission.

(Simon B) #2

Hey Chris!

I’m afraid this isn’t something that we have right now, I’m afraid :frowning:

We agree that it’s something needed, and it is definitely something we’re working on.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #3

Out of curiosity, how many payees remain in recent?

If it helps, you can find them again in the home tab and there is a “send money to” option here. I’m not sure if this will still be there after removed from Recent though


Worthy of the roadmap?

After Breakdown (and Apple Pay! :wink:), perhaps the Payments tab could be next?

(Benjamin Doherty) #5

Can’t believe it doesn’t just save them how annoying… everyone’s legacy bank at least does that


I’m a bit confused why this hasn’t been implemented before now… Especially in a mobile only bank…it’s not as if we can login to a browser and obtain the info from elsewhere…


This is a basic feature that really should have been launched with the Current Account rollout as the account is seemingly ‘current’ in name only atm. This doesn’t affect me now as I still essentially use Monzo as a prepaid offering for spending, but it must be noted that I use Revolut for bank transfers (international) & recently one substantial domestic transfer. Revolut have a better payee system than my legacy bank & i’d appreciate Monzo redirecting more resources to this area. No complaints just constructive feedback if in future this is to become my primary account, which I’m sure it will.

(Lewis Hill) #8

An additional feature I just thought of that would be awesome to include: Add folders/grouping to make organising payees easier. I’d love to be able to sort my saved payee accounts by my own accounts, friends and family!


+1 for this idea…


I’m new to Monzo, and not being able to save payees is a disaster! Surely this must be fixed soon…

(Jack) #11

The payee section of the app is currently undergoing a revamp and hopefully will add what you’ve mentioned. I think changes are rolling out over the next month or two as part of the big list:


That’s a relief - thanks for letting me know.