Edit/Delete recent payees


I presume this is already discussed or planned, but I can’t see it mentioned elsewhere in the forum. Apologies if it’s a double post.

In the payments tab under the list of recent payees it really should be possible to delete recent payees and edit them. As an iOS user a left swipe on the name, to bring up a menu option with delete and/or edit seems like a possibility?

(Ian Lyon) #2

We’re working to add a lot of polish and refinement to these parts of the app right now, and we have a lot of ideas for ways to manage your payees better than our current implementation.

I can’t give you an exact timeline around when these refinements will be released, but I promise it’s something we’re working on! :slightly_smiling_face:

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #3

Can you confirm it will be before the singularity?

(Ian Lyon) #4

No, the singularity will happen on Wednesday and we must all be prepared.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Good thing I bank with Monzo, otherwise I’d never have known! :scream:

(Adam Kendrew) #6

Any sneak peeks of these ideas? cc @hugo :eyes:

(Zach Hart) #7

I hope this comes in soon! It seems like something really easy to implement, but maybe that’s just me being naive. I have a payee I need to delete and it is really bugging me… :bug::smile:


Agreed, this is an area Monzo is severely lacking in when compared to other banking apps. Would be good if worked similar to Starling (think they really got this right), where you can have multiple accounts associated with a single person.


We’ve an updated payments screen on iOS, still no option to delete payees! :weary:


I’m waiting for this as well.


Me too, tried to delete a payee today and found that I couldn’t :confused:


We’re looking at this for sure.



Really like this idea. It would be cool to create your own payee names e.g Bob Dylan who has account A,B,C etc. Starling has something like this. You can also name the payee with something memorable that’s separate to the account name eg credit card or mum etc etc

(Kieran McHugh) #14

I have arranged a present for you in the app next week :slight_smile:


This week’s Android beta will also make you happy.


Excellent, I love new features! Especially ones that make organising my life easier!

Lots of impressive app updates in the last few weeks Monzo. Keep up the fantastic work!


About six weeks six we migrated fully :wink:

(Adam Robertson) #18

I’m updated onto Monzo 2.0 but can’t seem to do this :frowning: is there a specific gesture I need to do?

(Dan) #19

Its disabled on iOS at the moment due to bugs :slight_smile:


It’s great that we can remove payees now, thank you!

Is there any chance of an update on when we might be able to edit existing ones so we don’t need to delete one and wait until we have to pay someone again to, for example, correct a mis-spelt name?