Recent Payees confusing & lacking favourite payees

I find the payments section a little unintuitive, mainly the ‘Recent’ section.

I’d like to see the ability to save a payee to a list of favourites above the Recent list (regardless if they are in my contacts and/or on Monzo or not), and then the Recent list renamed to Previous or History or something, maybe even just Payees.

The reason to rename is because it’s not just a list of recent payees - they will never disappear from that list (as I was told by support), so the majority of them are not actually recent. It’s a list of all payees.

This may seem nitpicky but it kind of threw me until I found out that’s how it works!

P.s. love everything else about Monzo!


Just found this when looking to see if anyone else had suggested ‘favourite payees’. I am totally behind this particular point - 90% of the time I am splitting bills with the same people whose names actually start with S so I have to scroll every time. Favourites would be awesome! Even if they were limited to say 3 or 5.

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