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You’ll be waiting until after release day most likely. Those aren’t things they’ll even cover in the keynote or in reviews.


They’ll definitely be in the keynote, but nothing confirmed will be before that.

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They’ll say “USB-C” and some marketing crap about why it’s better but they won’t say what the transfer speeds are; and they certainly won’t mention sideloading if it’s an EU-only thing.

Hell, they normally don’t publish full device specs either until later on. The exact specifics of iPhones tend to become available once people get their hands on the devices.

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“Introducing USB-C ports across the all iPhone lines, starting with the iPhone 15, it’ll be the same speed as lightening (USB2) to preserve battery lifespan”

“For the Pro Models, we recognise Pro’s need the faster transfer speeds of USB3”

“We think you’re gonna love it!” I can imagine crap like that

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They also don’t normally elaborate on things that could be criticised/seen as negatives.

They wouldn’t be caught dead saying something like “same speed as Lightning” as that shows a lack of progress / is a negative.

Instead they’d spin it as “introducing USB-C for greater compatibility with all the accessories you love and use on Mac and iPad” and just keep shtum about any specifics.


I can see your point, Apple would likely be slated in the media for “lack of innovation”, although adding a USB-C port (that should have been done with the iPhone X, imo) is hardly innovative

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I wouldn’t expect the switchover to USB C to get much air time at all. Even now, Apple would much rather you used MagSafe for charging, or airdrop for data transfers, or AirPods for audio, etc

The port is something they’d probably like to get rid of all together.

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There isn’t an iPhone 15 Thread I don’t think, that’ll be why.

USB-C is still the way to go for “fast charging” as 15w via Magsafe is fairly slow and Magsafe charging will actually kill the battery even quicker as it generates more heat

Should we make this a generic thread about iPhones? To save having a new one for each release?
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Have they actually said anything to this effect?

I’d love to see numbers, but I’d bet that 90%+ of iPhone charging is just via lightning.


Hey now, I bought a stand off AliExpress for my bedside, charged my watch, headphones and phone, for £13 (metal too) which beats apples prices

I think this is still very much up for debate. There is research which says that the battery likes to be warm when it’s charging and that it makes the charging process more efficient.
I’d also counter that by saying that there’s research which says the exact opposite.

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Oom a side note, I have fixed my AirPods! Long story short, I didn’t get the case battery in the widget for months, if I opened the case it would appear

Currently the case is closed and in my pocket, working as it should! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

All I had to do was resync the AirPods

Wait till America finds out that the EU is forcing them to buy new charging cables.


This is Apple, they’ll just keep U.S iPhones as Lightning

They’re making MFI for USB-C too, to keep their license fee

Apple isn’t really in that business of tailoring hardware to specific regions. They do one thing and sell it everywhere. Which is why you can buy an iPhone abroad and come back and use it in the U.K. just fine, when you generally wouldn’t be able to do that with a Samsung device.

The esim thing last year was an anomaly, and likely only because the rest of the world isn’t ready.

If apple do USB-C, it’ll be everywhere. I imagine the goal for them with iPhone though is portless. And I suspect usb-c was always the next port after lighting, whether regulated into it or otherwise. All that really achieves now is stifling where they can really go from there, but portless.


mmWave has entered the chat
physical dual SIM in China entered the chat


Yes that’s what I was getting it as well

Also, no SIM card at all in the US

iPhone 15 news from Mark Gurman…

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