iPhone XR - Did you pre-order?

(Simon B) #1

Now that the pre-orders have started, have you pre-ordered, and if so which colour? Or are you waiting for release date?

One of my contracts is up so I’ll be upgrading, but the contract I’m after has a couple hundred quid upfront so I’ll be waiting a couple of days until payday! I’ll be picking up the Product Red version - I really liked the blue, but the back panel is too light - I was hoping it’d be the same metallic blue as the sides, but it’s more of a powder blue and doesn’t look as uniform as the red.

So for those of you who are picking it up, which one?

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Coral
  • Red
  • I already bought an XS / XS Max

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IPhone XR
(Andy) #2

I went for Coral, to match Monzo and its my teams colours, Barnet FC!

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #3

I plan on getting one from the Apple Store next week (mid-week) so hopefully the queues and carnage will have reduced by then. Hopefully they won’t have run out of stock!

Buying it outright and starting a fresh contract will save me £150 over 24 months, and give me better data allowance, weirdly. The obvious downside is I have to find £750 up front, but hey ho. If I’m lucky Monzo will give me a “spread the cost” option!

(Adam K.) #4

My other half has gone for the Red XR. She’s upgrading from a very battered 6S!

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You ok with that 720p-ish screen then, @simonb?

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(Simon B) #6

Yeah, I’m sure the panel is fine. It looks decent to me in the images and review videos. Resolution isn’t as important to me as panel quality. Both the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 6P had Quad HD (1,440 x 2,560) resolution, but the 6P display was a markedly better screen.

If Apple have decided to make trade-offs for price, then the LCD/lower res panel to me is acceptable enough for still using the A12 chip and getting the same performance as the XS/Max without dropping over a grand on a phone.

I have the 2017 iPad, and that has a much lower ppi, and I don’t notice it.

(Andy) #7

This is a good write up of the iPhone XR price/quality trade offs. The bottom line, cheaper can sometimes be better!

Although I am intrigued as to why portrait mode on the XR will work on people only and not on objects like the iPhone XS/Max.

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(Rachel Raybould) #8

Want a yellow one but waiting for when they are in stores.

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Fair enough :wink:

(Brandon Billingham) #10

Have been tempted. Virgin Mobile have reasonable contracts as well.

(Mat Morris) #11

While I am a developer, it’s not for Apple so this is just an opinion: I would assume this is because the depth effect is being created by machine learning trained algorithm that was focused on recognising faces. This means it could only recognise faces to apply the depth effect. Interestingly I have been led to believe the front facing camera does work with other objects, the assumption therefore being the front camera uses the infrared dots from the Face ID camera to calculate the depth.

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(Andy) #12

Can’t wait to try this.

(Andy) #13

How is everyone getting on with the XR? I’ve upgraded from on iPhone 7 (with a brief fling with Samsung S9 in between). Overall I’m a big fan. However I’m struggling a bit without force touch… I cant hard press a notification for more options or hard touch an app for shortcuts.

(John) #14

I really wish I’d waited now! I got my new X 2 months before they announced everything! I’m just so impatient!!

If I had pre-ordered I would have went with the red! Love the red products! My 7 plus was red!

(Simon B) #15

Ordered the Product Red over the weekend - should be delivered sometime this week.

Now I need to figure out whether I want to do a backup/restore or a clean setup from scratch :thinking:

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(Colin Robinson) #16

I did a clean setup when I got my X. Nothing carried over, just signed in to iCloud to get all my shared stuff. Only installed apps as I needed them, so that’s my spring cleaning done. Not missed any thing so far :wink:

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(Andy) #17

I ordered Coral but it is 100% pink! I’ve had to send it back for the Product Red.

(Simon B) #18


My Product RED XR arrived today! Here it is next to my Panda Pixel 2 XL. Definitely a big upgrade from the 6S. Feels quite hefty in comparison to the P2XL despite having virtually the same size screen. Very fast and fluid though.

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The red is such a nice colour.

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(Neil) #20

The coral would be nice to match my Monzo card, as I keep my main bank card in my phone wallet case, but think I’ll probably go for the red. Suppose it all depends on what colours they have in stock on Sunday when I go.