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By popular demand, a thread.


That’s true, but the rumours sound interesting especially the 48mp camera

You give the people what they want :joy:

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Is it here yet? It is now? Can I FINALLY have the huge pro max phone in a lovely pink colour?


I’m honestly so happy with my 13PM that I’m really not bothered about the 14.

The rumour about the always on Lock Screen being a 14 exclusive is particularly annoying as the 13 Pros are more than capable of handling this with their VRR displays.

Also not impressed by the rumour that the regular phones won’t get the latest chip.

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I have the XS so I’m probably going to get one of the 14s
Depends on price at the time as my phone still works perfectly as it is so might just hold out until it breaks or gets stolen.

A lot of companies do similar stuff. Which I agree it is annoying but I suppose it allows them to make people think the newer one is more special when I’m actual fact sometimes it’s no difference.

Don’t think I’ll be tempted this year, have a 13 pro max which I love. Have changed few times last few years but you never know………

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I could be tempted to upgrade my iPhone 11, though I’ve read rumours that the Pro prices are likely to be higher this year :frowning:

Yeah that’s what’s making me debate if it’s worth upgrading my XS I want to see if it’s a massive increase or not.

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Might be tempted to hang onto my 13 PM then. Probably won’t

I don’t need to upgrade my iPhone 13 Pro.

I will get the iPhone 14 Pro.


I’ll be getting the 14 Pro. :grinning:


Have any of you ever had Apple Care and is it decent?

I have AppleCare+ now as I bought my 13PM through the upgrade programme. It seems pretty comprehensive but I haven’t made a claim against it so far.

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That’s one of the reasons I thought about it especially as it covers theft and losing it.

Most insurances give you a refurbished one when you have issues but I believe AppleCare just straight up gives you a new one if it’s un fixable(someone can correct me if I’m wrong?)

I’ll most likely go for AppleCare+ when/if I upgrade.

I made a claim once. It was pretty much no questions asked immediate replacement in the Apple Store. These days they don’t replace whole handset for broken back glass but I expect it’s still pretty easy/quick repairs.


That’s decent, even better that they didn’t ask a 100 question like some companies I’ve dealt with do.

Hopping in here as we’re around a month until launch! What’s people’s thoughts on the potential new features?

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Underwhelming, but I’ll probably still buy it. I have absolutely no restraint when it comes to Apple marketing.