iPhone 13

Continuing the discussion from iPhone 12:

Now! :laughing:

I have nothing to say about it yet, other than I hope I’ll have my jabs by the time it releases so I can go and upgrade in peace


When is it expected?

The rumours said that maybe Apple can be back on the usual schedule and release in September but with the chip shortages I think it might slip again

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It’s usually September-November


To be frank I would give up on this year’s iPhone if it meant Tim Apple giving me an Apple TV instead

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Excited for the notch to finally get smaller.

Although my XS is still holding up well and it doesn’t seem likely there’s gonna be anything groundbreaking this year so will probably be waiting until at least the 14.

I’m not sure how I feel about the notch getting smaller. I’m afraid it will remind me of the early days of Android copies with weird shaped notches, but I’m sure Apple will do it more elegantly.

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Yeah I have enough faith.

I just feel like no movement for three years when the Android flagships have basically completely eliminated it has been a bit lame.

I think that’s because none of them have reliable face unlock stuff so haven’t needed the space?

But it’s really stuck out for me as something that needs to be fixed but hasn’t been.

128GB base models all round would be a great start.

120Hz screens are also beyond due.

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I remember Tim Apple (or maybe it was Ive?) saying that this form factor defines the next 10 years of iPhone when announcing the X

I don’t have anything against the notch. As long as they keep shrinking the bezels and the notch a bit, I wouldn’t mind it staying around. It makes the iPhone instantly recognisable just like the home button did. Apple stuck with the giant bezels for quite a while even when Android phones were shrinking them to a minimum

Yeah. I think apple’s stance on storage has been one of their/the most anti-consumer actions ever :mask::mask::mask:

Fair enough, it is not for me! I dream of my videos extending to both sides of my screen without being weirdly intersected.

For me personally I think I’m gonna go with the 13.

How often does everyone here upgrade their device?
Mines currently 3 years old and been repaired twice so kinda makes sense for me.

Usually every 2 years, although I skipped the 12 this time in favour of a new bike :biking_man: Still rocking my XS right now.
I’ll likely go for the 13 and make that last another few years, not finding it as tempting to upgrade as often as I used to. Same with my 2018 iPad Pro, still running amazingly.

Similar to me, I used to upgrade alot but fingered I might aswell get 3 years out of one since it’s a large amount of money for me

I’ve still got the iPad Air 2 from like 2014

I thought I’d regret bailing on the 12, but the price of an iPhone gets a decent bike to enjoy much more.
I think I had the same iPad Air 2 before the Pro, I didn’t really need to buy the Pro at the time it was somewhat impulsive. It’s lasting so well though, too well if Apple wanted me to buy a new one sooner.

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I also have a indication that they purposely rig the software to slow down the older models, I could be wrong and it might just be the fact that new stuff needs more power.

I have been debating about upgrading it tho!

I have an X and am really keen to get the next iPhone for me and my other half, the X works fine tbh but the kids need newer (but not new) phones now and getting one with proper 5g and fingers crossed 120hz screens will be nice as well as a much improved camera.

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I’ve never really understood Hz

Let’s hope that the iPhone 13 has both a Face ID and a Touch ID sensor, to make it easier to unlock while wearing a face mask.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to iOS 14.5, which will enable iPhones to be unlocked with Apple Watch - but it would be nice not to have to rely on having an Apple Watch.

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I’m on the upgrade programme so tend to upgrade every year. When my phone is my main computing device I figure it’s worth it

They used to – and maybe still do – reduce performance when the battery health reaches ~80% of design capacity to avoid sudden shutdowns but they also offer cheap battery replacements if you’re in that situation. Otherwise they don’t – Apple are really good for long software support and performance. People I know still use the 6S. How many 6 year old Android phones are still supported and useable?

Hz is a measure of frequency, in this case how many times the image on your screen is updated every second. Even 24-30 appears as fluid motion to our eyes but the higher the number the smoother it looks

You… you did what? :scream::flushed:

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