iPhone 12

Anyone else looking forward to the iPhone 12?

My Samsung S8 is getting a little shaky and I’ve never really bought into Android that much. My phone before this was an iPhone 5 and that was a great phone, it lasted much longer than the Samsung has.

Mostly I’m excited for a smaller phone, even 6 inches is too big for me ( :wink: ). One that’s actually premium and fast. And I live in a 5G area too, so that’ll be an upgrade. I just hope the battery life is alright.

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I think this one is going to be a skip year for me. Depends how feature parity the mini one will be with its larger siblings. I like smaller phones and would love to go back to something smaller if I could do so without losing out on features and battery life.

My XR is doing just fine and there’s no real need to upgrade for me. Beyond the better camera there’s nothing I’d really want.


Well the XR is still not that old, and iPhones do tend to last pretty well in my experience so the decision makes sense to me!

I always feel when I upgrade I either want it to feel massively better, or it’s because it stopped working

Had an iPhone 5 since launch and decided feb 2019 to go for the XR so this one all being good will last me till the XX :joy:

Whilst I was planning to buy the first 5G iPhone - I only buy iPhones with significant changes (the NFC chip for Apple Pay, better water resistance was the last 2 reasons I upgraded in the last 6 years) - as 5G is better than my max 30mb/s broadband connection. 5G hasn’t arrived in my locality and I doubt it will now for a long time due to the Huawei ban. I will probably hold off and see what happens next year before I buy.

There is no doubt Apple produce great kit. I’ve been a fan for donkeys years and have only just upgraded from a 5 to an 8. Never really been seduced by the “must have the latest/newest”. It’s all about form and does it do what I need. Partner getting a bit fed up with his Android phone so may get another 8 for him. R-

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I’m still running my 7 although it’s slowly dying. I plan on getting an 11 pro once the 12 is out and prices go down. Not too fussed for the 12, I mainly use my phone for the camera and the 11 pro is muuuuch better than the 7 so I’m not bothered about what the 12 will bring. I’ll only go for it if it’s comparable to the 11 pro prices are just now as I don’t want to be paying more than £50 a month ideally, that’s often the barrier for me getting the latest release (and why I’ve had a 7 for 3 years :joy:)

No xcloud = No buy for me.

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iPhone 12 Pro! Can’t wait.

I don’t think I want the Max, but still can’t convince myself either way.

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Once you are out of contract, why not use a provider like Plusnet or ID Mobile [if you need WiFi calling]? AFAIK Plusnet are about £10 a month and ID are £6. R-

I’ve had my iPhone 7 for yonks now, has the right size, still upgrades ios14. And surprisingly fast for it’s time. I’ll keep it till next March and see what’s available. But will not choose android!


Said yours is slowly during?!? Mine still speedy though😳

I’ve been with Virgin on a sim only for the last year (to the detriment of my experience with their customer support).

I’ll be looking to move to either O2 or EE, or one of their piggyback providers (that isn’t Virgin) once the 12 is out :slight_smile:

Yeah, managed to upgrade it but the widgets aren’t working properly :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m down to about 80% battery life too which isn’t totally surprising given how much I use it!

We all treat our phones differently! My friend has an S8 and it still works like new. Mine has several large cracks, the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, it won’t fast charge, sometimes it won’t charge at all, and the batter is just dead. Still it spends a lot of the time plugged to the front of my bike, being dropped on the floor a lot, getting wet or otherwise being treated quite poorly.

I took it into the phone shop to get a battery replacement six months ago, and the phone lady laughed and said if she tries to take the back off the whole phone will disintegrate :laughing:

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I hear Zevvle are quite good :wink:


I’ll be keeping an eye on the iPhone 12. I recently switched from Galaxy S10+ to iPhone SE, but I miss having a huge screen after a few months of using the SE. In an ideal world, I’d like an iOS version of the Galaxy Z Fold2 :smiley:

I’ll be getting the iPhone 12 Pro, and sell my iPhone 11 Pro.

wow that’s keeping it super up to date!