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Oh my god the dream. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away! :grin:


The September event can’t come soon enough. I’m sick of charging my 14 Pro twice a day, every day :sleepy:

I like the size of it but the battery has been atrocious. I’d love a phone that’s thick enough to make the back fully flat so I can have a massive battery and no wobble when using it on a table.

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Can you go get the battery replaced? What % is it on?

It’s a 14 Pro, I’m still on 99% health. It’s just a tiny battery combined with the iOS 16 battery mess me thinks.

Edit: actually, it’s gone down significantly since I checked a month or so ago, now at 94%. Maybe something to do with having to charge twice a day every day since day 1…

Wait what?

I only charge mine at night and even then I’ll go to bed with 35% minimum.


Maybe I use it too much? But it can’t be, after my 1h commute and some light use before I’m at 75%-ish; and need to charge before I head home from the office even though I don’t interact with it much during the day otherwise it wouldn’t last me the way home.

When I’m at home and on the weekends it’s even worse.

I read about people setting phones up from new to avoid bugs and OS issues carrying over. Maybe that would help? I haven’t had a fresh install since 2017… but then I don’t want to lose my apps, settings and configurations.

What’s using your battery mostly?

The top 5 are Safari, Apollo, Discourse, Music and the Lock Screen(?)

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13 pro max user here, the absolute lowest i’ve gone to bed was at 7% and that was a grueling day for my phone.

I usually go to bed at 20-25% minimum’s

My phone is mainly used for:
Safari (mainly Monzo Community browsing, hehe)

I mean on the 13 Pro Max I could have easily gone 2 days at times – I suspect it’s a combination of 14 Pro battery and iOS 16.

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I’m on 14 Pro, and rarely finish a day at 0. But I do have times of intense usage so the days it fails, it’s not unbelievable.

Latest 16 seems to be better for battery.

I’ve read about iOS 16 being bad for battery life but haven’t experienced it myself. My 14 Pro Max lasts me a couple of days but I’m usually in and around home where the EE signal is very good. In a bad signal area it drains considerably more quickly.

Just checked battery condition and it’s still at 100% 8 months on.

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I looked and I can get 5-6h screen time, but that’s with 1.5-2 charges a day… it’s not great, really. Since downsizing from the 13 PM, I had to invest in a power bank again

@ndrw out of interest do you have a lot of safari tabs? double check the private grouping as well

Tends to hover between 3-30 depending on how often I close them

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Oh okay, I found I had a pretty huge amount across various groups and private and once I closed a lot it improved things a bit on my 13 Pro.

I must be one of the lucky ones because iOS 16 didn’t affect my battery life at all.

I can still scrape a full day from my 12 but I’m a lighter user I guess. But even at the weekend, I spent an hour watching stuff on the train, took quite a few photos and other stuff and it had a little juice at the end of the day.

A bit more might be nice but I always have a battery pack in my bag anyway in case.


My 13 easily lasts all day if it’s connected to Wi-Fi for most of the day, but struggles if it only connects to 4/5G

Interesting about the mute button

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Still waiting for sideloading info and USB C charging speeds.