[iOS, UK/US] Bring Account Numbers Back to Top of Screen


Please bring the account number and sort code back to the top of the screen. It made copying my account number really quick and painless when I needed to apply for TfL delayed journey refunds. Without needing to dig deep into the app.

Details to reproduce:

Item seems to have disappeared since US account was added to app.

OS: 12.4.1 (16G102)
Device: iPhone 6s Plus
App Version: 3.12.1 #584


Doesn’t the “Current Account” text get replaced with the sort code and account number when you slide the drawer down?


It does on my app (iOS), drag the drawer all the way down and the sort code/acc number appear at the top in place of ‘Personal Account’.

You beat me to it :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t happen for me. I do have multiple accounts. Maybe this is why?

Joint account user here :wave:

Can confirm that dragging the drawer down changes ‘Personal account’ to a blue pill that contains your account details.

This is what I see:

My second account is US.

You have multiple account types including a US account and very few people here do. I don’t have a US account and so can’t test in the same way unfortunately.

Out of interest, what version is your Monzo app (shown at the bottom of ‘Settings’) and can you screenshot what is displayed in your Labs? (Settings > Monzo Labs)

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I am on 3.12.1 #584

I only have share card replacements and export data turned on.

I tend to keep New Business Nav turned on, as it makes switching between accounts easier, but I turned it off before posting the topic.

This is a mystery :mag_right:

With New Business Nav OFF, if you select your UK Current Account so that you see the ‘peeping’ card graphic at the top and the transaction feed under it, can you drag the transaction feed down to reveal the whole card? If you can, does the title of the account at the very top change to the blue ‘pill’ showing the UK sort code & account number?

The screenshot shows the result of the steps provided.

Isn’t that your account list?

If you click into your account - UK one for example. The screen where you can scroll horizontally through pots is what everyone is referring to.

No, it is not there, per the screenshot in the original post. I annotated a blue oval where the info used to be.

Maybe there is some A/B testing?

The blue pill is not displayed there until you pull the transaction feed down to reveal the whole card graphic.

If pull the feed down, it just pops me into this screen.

This screen, pull the feed down from just above the ‘just added to Monzo Plus’ banner, so it shows your entire card.

You need to be in the display which shows the transactions for an account - not the account list screen.

From the display that you just posted, tap on ‘UK Account/Current Account >’ - what is displayed?

Don’t pull it all the way down.
Stop when the drawer hits the bottom, you are ‘pulling’ too far.

As I have said. It is not there…

OK, that’s a different screenshot to the one you posted before.