Statement icons

The little icon indicating that some money is being moved to a saving pot (round ups) makes the icons look untidy and I feel it’s unnecessary.

Also, can the account number and sort code at the very top of the screen be removed? This creates an unbalanced and untidy look and I feel it’s not required. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the round up icon (mine is a little teal arrow so it looks nicer!), and it helps me understand what has happened with that transaction at a glance.

Happy to agree on the account number and sort code, and how about instead of the words ‘Current Account’ when I ‘pull’ the transaction feed to fill the screen, show my balance instead?!

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I also like the little round up sticker.
But agree the sort code and account number should live elsewhere.

I see you’re using the beta layout.

I’d recommend that you post your suggestion in this topic where is is being discussed. @bruno has been responding and updating people in there too:


I didn’t realise I was using the beta. It’s just the version I’ve downloaded from the App Store when I signed up to Monzo a couple of weeks ago. Can you revert to original version whilst the beta is improved?

Ahh they’re trialling it on a few new customers so you must be one of the lucky ones :star:

For us: you go to SETTINGS > MONZO LABS and there should be a toggle to turn it off. Otherwise you might need to ask in app chat.

What you’ve described is the same on the “stable” layout too. Everything has moved around and there are a lot of visual changes on top of this so I personally wouldn’t recommend reverting. Up to you though :slight_smile:

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Hello @lifebylloyd :wave:

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

Regarding the icons on the feed when you’re using round ups, this is something that exists in the old layout as well, and it’s not something we’re planning to remove in the structure.

The account number at the top is new, and we’re still tweaking things a bit. But the idea so far is to keep it there, as many customers found it difficult to find their account details…


How many customers?

It should be removed as it takes up so much space more than the pulse graph did especially with that £5 free thing in the way.

Should be click the card show account details simple really.

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Okay fair enough re the icons. I’ve only been using the beta version (I didn’t realise) so wasn’t sure if this was new or not.

The acc number and sort code is handy to have in an easy location - agreed. However, aesthetically it could do with some tweaking as it looks odd sitting right across the top of the screen with smaller things underneath. This could also be found on the screen where all accounts are shown instead of the top of the screen. If people have trouble locating that then they probably shouldn’t be using the app :smile: Although, it’s actually quite hard to find that screen as you need to tap on your profile picture to find it - not easy to know for someone new to the app. I know navigation is a main topic and after using the app as a newbie, I feel the navigation needs to be clearer and simplified. I prefer the hamburger type layout you find on other apps. I guess this will be improved in time :slightly_smiling_face:


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I kind of agree with what has been said about the blue pill / acc details. They are very handy, and I am glad they have been moved to a much better location in the Beta, but I dont think the current location is ideal. Personally I would rather see them cover the card or appear with the card management buttons at further down that page. It would feel more consistent to me.

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Yes! Bizarre that this is not displayed persistently. I do like the Current Account label, or at least some way to distinguish between single and joint account.

So I’ve had a look at the settings and there is an option to toggle old and new navigation. I’ve switched to the old one and can say that this is all exactly how I wanted the app to be. The navigation is far superior and aesthetically it’s very nicely laid out. The tabs across the bottom work very well and it’s easy to navigate. It’s like I’ve upgraded from an old version!

Please keep this as it is :smile:


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Unfortunately I don’t think @Bruno and the team are going to scrap all the hard-work they’ve put into the new nav.

But remember it is still very much in the testing and learning phase and is part of the journey - it actually looks as though they’ve scrapped the pulse graph at the top of the screen from the old nav!

I’d say stick with the old nav and come over when the new nav is nice and finished!