Account number?

what is my account number?

If you’re on the app and have the new interface it’s in a blue pill as you login otherwise click on your profile pic to see it

and sort code


iv lost my f ing fne man mind the french

It’s all in the app!
Really easy to view not hidden anywhere.


Hello & welcome :wave: from a browser (assuming you can access your email from a browser too) - will show you your Monzo (Personal) Account details - hope you find your phone soon!


i’m glad you figured out what that said :sweat_smile:


That one bypassed all the flags. Somehow.

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can i get my account number and sort code from laptop because i cant seem to find it or see it anywhere

some1pls help a brother

See 5 posts up - I provided a link ( - go there using a browser on a laptop and follow the instructions.

safe david


ok ive lost my phone but ive logged in to the monzo site on my laptop but where do i find my account number and sort code pls help me some1

at the top of the page

where at the top of the page rainbow??? am i that thick???

give me a minute while i merge this with all the other topics you have started


log into the emergency web portal with the address you were given

its right in front of you