No more 'blue pill' containing sort code and account number

Anyone else missing the blue pill at the top when the feed is as low as it can go?

**OS: iOS
**Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
**App Version: 3.28.0

Yeah it’s gone for me too.

Yep gone for me.

Shame, it was handy

It’s been removed, for the record. It’s not a bug.


The information’s still there, though, if you hit the new account button below the card. And there’s a lot more useful information there too, that was previously more difficult to find - such as transaction limits and statements.

Although the UI isn’t as fun, I think this is a useful change.

Yeah that’s been there for ages.

I know the account info is there but it’s not like it was taking up much room above the card :woman_shrugging:


It was handy to quickly copy and paste numbers but I did think it was weird as a button to other things.

Thanks for confirming @simonb, do you know the reason for the removal?

This is the sort of thing that should be in release notes. Tell us that you’ve removed something and where to find its replacement.


Seems to me like a bizarre thing to remove. It took me a second to even realise what OP meant, and it’s not something I use regularly, but it’s hardly taking up key space is it?

I’ve never used it. Maybe that’s why it was removed :man_shrugging:


I thought it was talking about viagra :slight_smile:

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LOL! Sorry I should have been clear, the blue pill like button that showed the account number and sort code :slight_smile:

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Big fan of this change. :raised_hands:

Having the sort code and account number always visible made the header feel cluttered given how infrequently I need those details.


Hi Matt & welcome :wave:

I’m (surprisingly) in agreement. The blue pill seemed useful at the time, scroll down, tap on it and your account details were right there. But it was a double-up on the already available ‘Account’ icon under the card,

But now that it has gone, I prefer the cleaner top area. And the slight animation of the pill was distracting.

RemovalApproval :copyright: :+1:


I’ll try and find out for certain, but I think it was due to it being superfluous and not used much.

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Personally used it quite a bit but guess it is the same number of clicks now. But would still be helpful to have it in the release notes. Little disappointed by that


I preferred it there too. Would use it a lot for direct debit set up or other generic bank transfers.

Not the end of the world, since the place for it to live is obvious from that screen, but some of these changes would be good to get ‘tool tips’ in app afterwards.


I welcome the change.

But I can’t help but think a one off in app walkthrough of changes like this should be a thing? I’m sure other apps do this when changes are, or at least a section of the new features, Natwest certainly does.