Can't get account and sort code - App only shows Your card's on the way

I have signed up for a Monzo current account and I’m waiting for my card. I would like to obtain my sort code and account number but the app simply shows Your card’s on the way - with the only option an Activate card button. I cannot access anything else in the app and I need my account details to provide my employer in time for their payroll cutoff.

Can I only access the rest of the app ( including finding out my sort code and account number) once the card has arrived?
Details to reproduce:
iOS 14.0.1
iPhone 11
App Version:

Hi. This isn’t a bug, it’s the intended behaviour.

Cards are in a lot of cases, next day. So fingers crossed you won’t be waiting long.

Thanks @Revels - is the intention that you can’t find out your sort code and account number before your card arrives and you get past the Activate card step? Momentarily, I had access to the help chat in the app and the agent mentioned that I should be able to get this information from the app menu, however the app menu simply isn’t visible anymore.

Out of curiosity - try and login using the limited web portal access ( which, if you can login to it*, shows your sort code (04-00-04 for Monzo) and account number.

You’ll need the email address used to sign up to Monzo and also access to the same email account to receive the ‘magic link’ emal that ‘’ will send to you, so you can login.

If you can login to the web portal*, it will show your account number.

Note: access to the web portal may only work once you’ve activated your physical card

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Thanks @davidwalton - I followed the instructions and only get options to Freeze the card or Get Support - where Get Support takes me back to the app and the Card’s on its way screen.

It does seem that all roads lead to having to wait for the physical card to arrive, so that I can follow the next step via the app and finally reveal my sort code and account number.

As an experiment, I did also apply for a Starling account and I could get the details of my account immediately whilst waiting for the card - so it does seem as my salary cutoff is tomorrow that I’ll need to pay salary into Starling first and then switch to Monzo at a later date which is a shame as there are features for Monzo that i definitely believe give it an edge over Starling.

I’m wondering how I provide this feedback to Monzo itself - do they review the posts on this community forum?


Thanks for trying & the feedback - now we know new users have to wait for the card to activate…

Monzo employees do look at the forum posts, but there is no guarantee they’ll see one - or act on it.

I joined :monzo: in May 2020 and could see all my account details seconds after the account was opened, so I made a 1st top up within a minute :grin: