✅ [iOS] Can’t export transactions beyond current month

When I try to export transactions, export button suggests two options “February” or “All time”, regardless of currently selected month as a period. I also checked content of the export and it contains transactions from February.

Than means it is not possible to export transactions beyond current month, unless you export all transactions and filter manually.

Thanks for the awesome bank :wink:

Hi Marek!

What are you looking for? A custom option? I tend to export ALL and filter manually but I agree it would be good to have more options.

I’m sure this has been mentioned before in the forum too, a quick search and you might find some discussion on it.

I am pretty sure it is bug. The way it used to work was:

  • If I was viewing eg. December, export button would suggest two options “December”, “All time”
  • If I was viewing eg. April, export button would suggest two options “April”, “All Time”

Now whatever month I am viewing it always suggests current physical month and all transactions.

TBH I was happy with how it used to work, so no need for custom change.


Ahhh I see.

I’m getting the same thing. Definitely not how it used to work, agree it looks like a bug. Did you report it to in app chat?

Looks like this bug has been fixed:

And I’ve confirmed that it’s working for me as well. @Error, is it working again for you?

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