More control of exports

(Jonathan Hansford) #1

Any chance we can have more control on the export of Monzo data to CSV or QIF. I selected the option on 1st October and had the choice of exporting everything to date, or the data for October (a whole day’s worth!) when what I wanted to do was export the data for September. It would be useful to be able to specify start and end dates or, even better, remember which data has been exported to date and only have to select from there to the end date.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I haven’t been able to test this but I’m pretty sure that the way that this feature should work, is you apply your search criteria, in order to filter the data & then export the results. There is a this + month filter for search on iOS…

(Jonathan Hansford) #3

I don’t know if it is any different for current accounts, but the only export option I can find under spending on the iOS App for the original card is for everything or the current month. Where are the filters?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

if you go to search and press the calendar option on the top bar on lower section - scroll up on the options to “last” and then on right hand side “month” - press one of the payments to clear the search function then press total spent - which will give you the export function at the bottom right - on iPhone

(Jonathan Hansford) #5

Wow, never used that facility. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Still be nice to select e.g. to yesterday or today excluding previously exported. I don’t tend to check my finances at the end of a month but rather whenever is convenient. Maybe just the option to pick a start and end date would suffice (though then I would have to check what the end date of my previous export was).

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

This is really useful. Thanks a lot for the feedback :heart_eyes:

Out of curiosity, why are you exporting your data? As in, do you mind sharing what was the actual task you tried to accomplish?

(Jonathan Hansford) #7

No problem sharing…

We have a number of accounts (e.g. joint current account, credit card,
ISAs) and also logical “accounts” where I keep track of money owed to or
by, for example, our children. In order to keep track of our current
level of solvency I use a single application (in our case, AceMoney to pull all the information
together, to reconcile statements, etc. I tend to do this when having
spare time and having a significant backlog coincide, rather than at the
end of a month, week, etc.

Is that sufficient information?

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

That’s awesome! Many thanks :slight_smile:

(Ben ) #9

Hey @hugo - and others interested in this thread.

Just wanted to bring a bit more life into this thread again. I would very much love for the export bit to be a bit simpler.

I’ve got a similar use case to the above user - I used a budgeting app for all my spending - YNAB (of which, Monzo is one of a number of accounts).

I can import transactions directly into the app to log their use, so I’d really like there to be a “this week” or “last week” option on the main export screen (rather than via search).

It would just make things a touch simpler!