Filtered Exports

(Lee Freer) #1

I do like the ability of downloading all transactions data and the format that it is presented in is great.

I just want to throw this one in the mix as a possible future / feature though:
(Probably the wrong place to post - Sorry)

If you were/are an end user (non-business) and only had to present certain transactions to your business as expenses - would /could the option of exporting a single transaction be of use?

To elaborate - Maybe even an exported list based on a filter set?

Could you do this with transaction Notes - ie Type ‘Business / Company’ as a Note for a given transaction and only export those transactions as a filtered list for that particular month?

Alternatively - give the user a 2 choice option tag to mark a transaction as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ and then export accordingly.

Cheers, 8)

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

Hi Lee - you can already on iOS - just use search function - select what you want to search for i.e. Category , last week , less than £30 - then export on the bottom margin on the screen - alternatively use an emoji on any transaction you want to search for later - e.g. coffee :coffee: - and export that list for a given timescale

(Lee Freer) #3

Looks like I needed a magnifying glass to find a magnifying glass. haha :joy:

Got there in the end though - 8)

I’ve been using Monzo for some time and didn’t even notice the search functionality.

Thanks for the info though.