Custom Date Ranges for Export & Bank Statements

Can we please have custom date ranges for Export & Bank Statements?

I track my finances in Banktivity 6 so export my Monzo statements in QIF format and import into Banktivity. I’ve set my custom month range but sometimes I need to export transactions from outside that month without exporting every. single. one. ever. made.

Exporting all transactions is a nightmare because when Monzo changes the payee/payer names on its system it applies the changes retrospectively meaning that Banktivity can’t detect duplicate transactions and I have to manually reconcile everything which takes about half an hour. Super Frustrating.


I’ve +1’d this as it’d be useful for filing work expenses or similar, without showing them everywhere else I spent money at before and after that month, but still having a nicely-formatted PDF

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+1 as well.

This would be very useful for importing in to my budget application.

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agree - why cant we export last month alone

exporting current month is no use as incomplete

last month is what we need - not all transactions!

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You can do this (on iOS, I’m not sure about Android). There’s a Statement History button on the account details page.

Aww yeah, this is what I’ve been looking for! Thanks.

Those who are using Android: Go to Account tab > tap on Profile > Scroll down to Account Statements > Statement History. You can get a statement for each months regardless of what you set your summary period.

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YESSSS - this is what I’m talking about. Perfect!

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The month by month statements available from the Profile > Account Statements > Statement History are good, but they are only in PDF format. I’d really like to be able to export CSV and QIF versions of those historic transactions as well.

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Coming here to add my request to please allow us to export CSV/QIF data for the PREVIOUS month, not the current month. (The statement history above only gives you a PDF, so is not a solution.)

Currently the options are:

Current month
All Time

Pretty please please see sense and add in “Last month” in there, or even better “Select month…”

Thank you Monzo!