✅ Custom Date Ranges for Export & Bank Statements

Can we please have custom date ranges for Export & Bank Statements?

I track my finances in Banktivity 6 so export my Monzo statements in QIF format and import into Banktivity. I’ve set my custom month range but sometimes I need to export transactions from outside that month without exporting every. single. one. ever. made.

Exporting all transactions is a nightmare because when Monzo changes the payee/payer names on its system it applies the changes retrospectively meaning that Banktivity can’t detect duplicate transactions and I have to manually reconcile everything which takes about half an hour. Super Frustrating.


I’ve +1’d this as it’d be useful for filing work expenses or similar, without showing them everywhere else I spent money at before and after that month, but still having a nicely-formatted PDF

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+1 as well.

This would be very useful for importing in to my budget application.

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agree - why cant we export last month alone

exporting current month is no use as incomplete

last month is what we need - not all transactions!

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You can do this (on iOS, I’m not sure about Android). There’s a Statement History button on the account details page.

Aww yeah, this is what I’ve been looking for! Thanks.

Those who are using Android: Go to Account tab > tap on Profile > Scroll down to Account Statements > Statement History. You can get a statement for each months regardless of what you set your summary period.

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YESSSS - this is what I’m talking about. Perfect!

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The month by month statements available from the Profile > Account Statements > Statement History are good, but they are only in PDF format. I’d really like to be able to export CSV and QIF versions of those historic transactions as well.

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Coming here to add my request to please allow us to export CSV/QIF data for the PREVIOUS month, not the current month. (The statement history above only gives you a PDF, so is not a solution.)

Currently the options are:

Current month
All Time

Pretty please please see sense and add in “Last month” in there, or even better “Select month…”

Thank you Monzo!


This appears to have been done:

(found under Home screen ==> Account ==> Statement history on Android app version 3.61.0)

Has options for export as PDF, CSV and QIF.

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Can’t find it on iOS (3.61.00 too) :thinking:
Unless it’s a server side change, A/B testing etc…

Or…iOS/android parity?

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I’m also desperate for this feature. Still not available on IOS!

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Completely agree, any progress on this Monzo as only ‘Current Month’ and ‘All Time’ export options to QIF are available in IoS App ?


Do people not budget who have Monzo accounts? :grinning: This is a basic must have feature. I suppose the all transactions works but it is very clunky to use. Every other major bank in the UK provides this functionality as far as I know.

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If you have Plus you can do it with Google Sheets in the mean time.

I budget without needing to export anything to a spreadsheet or anywhere else.

I do download my statements monthly just to ensure I’ve got a copy stashed away but I don’t actually look at them though.

Happy :cake: day!

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It took me a while to realise why I had virtual cake 🤦🤣

@DaveJ , I would be interested to understand how do you handle multiple current accounts, credit cards, mortgage accounts, investment accounts etc. without exporting or synching ? I consolidate everything in MoneyDance and can then report from there across everything to get a single view but always looking for a better way if you have one ? What if you ever have to leave Monzo as presume you only have PDF copies not structured account data if you are not exporting ?

I have a list of what goes out bills wise on a spreadsheet but that’s just static and I only ever manually update it every few months. The main feature I use is a bills pot

My bills go out from a bills pot, that knows how much last month’s payments were, so given the odd variable DD the amount is roughly the same each month give or take a few £.

Credit cards I just check in once a month when a statement is produced, most my cards are frozen as I rarely use them, just the odd transaction to keep the accounts ticking over.

Savings etc just get moved over either to spaces in Starling or pots in Monzo.

I’ve never seen the point in apps that aggregate everything together, I’m not one of those people who needs to know down to a minute level what’s going on. Each to their own on that one

Having said that I’ve just subscribed to Plus and I’m going to check out the live export stuff just to see what can be done with it. Not sure I’ll rely on it much to look at it though in fairness.