Monzo App unbearably slow and stuttery

My app is unbearably slow and stuttery. When I’m swiping through accounts it really lags, and freezes half way between pots when swiping. Has been doing this for ages but is getting worse and worse. I’ve completely deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck.

Details to reproduce:
OS: ios14.5
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: 3.78.0


Most of this lag has been fixed in 3.79 and 3.80 - if you want this early, join the testflight beta


Testflight 3.80 is still a little laggy after a few pots but useable.

Am I the only one who read that as “slow and sluttey” :blush:




I didnt, then I read your post, now I keep seeing it as the title when I am browsing :rofl:


My App is very slow too and seems to have been since an update for pots to have the ‘feed’ and ‘manage’ tabs.
It’s very annoying also when I finally open one of my pots and it automatically loads the feed tab first. I’d much rather the manage tab was the default tab.
I was loving Monzo until this recent upgrade.

I’m on the latest TestFlight with my iPhone 12 Pro and it definitely seems pretty stuttery. Very much usable, but could be smoother.