iOS app not updating

Absolutely agree with you but having been “full Monzo” for nearly six years I kind of expected more support from my main bank. Crap happens of course but I like being a Monzo customer and want to assume that when issues occur they’ll be actioned in a timely manner. Monzo say they “continually monitor the status of the current account “, I’m not sure that’s the case. I too have a backup account with Lloyds but my main account is with Monzo.


I have HSBC as where my salary and mortgage come in and out of. Everything else I am Monzo. I’ve been a champion of the bank since 2018 and can’t recommend it more. I know these things happen in tech. I am an engineer myself so i understand. However I know

they have alerts that kick of if the threshold for alerts go up - so everytime one of us refreshes and the data isn’t loaded. I know they are getting alerted by it, depending on the volume of people going through the same thing. A organisation that has more than 1000 microservices is bound to have good observability built in. But all of this is only useful if there is good common sense communication

A simple message in the app or even on here or on their status page to let people know that they are working on it - this is a basic requirement and they should have done that. 17 hours is without any comms is just not a great look. Simple effective transparent communication was all that was required and they could have just focused on fixing the problem. Software breaks and that’s just how it is, but you can be honest and proactive about it - that doesn’t cost anything


I am still able to refresh, do you guys get errors? I was able to claim BACS from NS&I too

Nope. Nothing works. You just get a spinner at the top of the home page.


That’s always going to be the issue with an app only bank. If the app doesn’t work, as far as the customer experience goes, the bank doesn’t work.

I would hope for more support, but I wouldn’t really expect it from Monzo, to be honest.

Anyway, we can all hope that it is resolved expeditiously.


Oh, I see what you mean yeah, I get the spinner too, but I am still getting transactions and things


Same here, People would be going mad at insert high street bank here

The day that you have something similar happens to you is going to be absolutely hilarious, and I hope everyone else is just as insensitive in response as you are everytime

I have all the money I can access instantly in Monzo at the moment, other than some credit cards with fairly low limits left, spent my instant access savings this week and got on the road with my petrol money in a pot this morning

Your point about eggs in one basket is absolutely correct - but sometimes it isn’t intentional that you end up relying on one basket… especially when Monzo has a full advertising campaign ongoing encouraging people to switch over - the majority of which will be pay check to pay check with zero need for more than one bank account

It’s unacceptable for Monzo to just go radio silent on this for as long as they did, I’m currently working on an app no where near the scale of Monzo and it astounds me that this wasn’t picked up automatically, but even more so that the atrocious support managed to let it go for a whole 24 hours

This is a great example of Monzos poor customer support, letting down the product

And the issue has only spread, because I’m now locked out of the app aswell!

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A question for those affected: Can you log in to the web interface?

I know that its functionality is severely limited, but it might help some.

Afternoon all, could anyone has been affected by this please try opening and closing your app a few times and then force quitting to see if the issue is resolved. Then please let me know. Thanks


No, the web interface doesn’t work for me. Clicking the link in the email does nothing.

I’ve already reinstalled a couple of times over the last 24 hours but it didn’t fix anything.

Mine is (finally!) up and running again, thank you.


Just tried this, and it’s now working again. Thank you.

For other folks, I opened it, flicked it away, opened it again, dismissed it from multitasking, then fresh launched it and it’s updated.


Thanks for checking and sorry for the delay. Should be all working again within the App


All fixed here too

Working again for me, thanks guys!

Yup, had to kill it a few times but all good.

Thanks :+1:

Sorted thank you. Xxx We’re all happy and thankful that it’s sorted now but the issue has exposed the partisan feelings exhibited by certain members in recent days. What the heck is the forum for if not to exchange views and reassure fellow members that any issues are (hopefully) not just being experienced by them. The I’m alright Jack attitude displayed by SOME members is disappointing. When things go wrong (as all things do from time to time) we just initially want to know it’s not just us and that’s something of a comfort. Members who exhibit the I’m alright Jack attitude should examine their own conscience and use the analogy that if they can’t say something constructive then they should say nothing.