iOS app not updating

Had to reinstall again but does seem to be working now. Hope it lasts. Thanks for fixing.

Exactly the same situation. Really disappointed with Monzo as this sort of downtime is crucial. If they have a web interface, that would help, but just an app is feeling very dangerous right now.

I have only just joined Monzo via the Switch process from Chase Bank… so to see this issue within a day of joining is extremely disappointing and concerning. I hope I haven’t made an error in joining this Bank? Only time will tell :man_shrugging:

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Yes, balances not updating after transfers, I just get an updating ring donut icon top left of the screen. Deleted and reinstalled app and still not fixed

Yep cant get any money out of my savings pot. No access to my money on there really.

Honestly, first such issue for me in the last 6 years I’ve had Monzo. I would say don’t be too concerned. These things happen to any bank, Monzo just needs to get better at communication

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These posts are all from new community members. Just in case folks think it’s happening again. Their posts were likely made on Saturday or Friday but have only just been approved today, so it’s probably already fixed for them too. :slight_smile:


Am I the only one affected here? Wasn’t loading for a few minutes but seems to be resolved

I haven’t had an issue accessing the app today

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We’re having problems with receiving money this evening.

Sent £15 to my brother for the pizza to his Monzo from mine. Left my account hasn’t arrived in his. Sent £15 from my Chase account to Monzo so I’m not overdrawn, has left Chase but hasn’t arrived in Monzo. Same as last week, it’s just stuck spinning.

Had to send him an RBS get cash code so he could pay for the pizza.

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Any other banking apps that expose the error like this? intresting to me but i’d imagine it would confuse someone non technical reading it

That error is probably an error itself lol.

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An error while getting the error message!

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Yes, quite often Barclays would do that when I was with them. Occasionally HSBC shows the error page not the “nice view”


All resolved now!


Anyone else having delayed notifications

I.e, tap to spend money, close and reopen app and balance has gone down but no record of transaction, then 10-20minutes later I get a notification and it shows up in app

Happened every time I paid today


Yeah I had that today. Not at long as 10-20 mins for me though just like 1-2 mins.