🔜 Update transaction feed faster

Go to Tesco
Check out
Get notification on my phone
When I unlock my phone Monzo has a ( 1 ) notification bubble next to the app icon
I tap into the app and feel like I have to wait what is an absolute AGE for my feed to update to show the transaction

Like literally YEARS (more like 10-15-20 seconds, but still)

Anyone else experiencing this?

It can be dependant on network connection, so if you have low signal can take a few extra seconds.

It does seem to be slow on occasion.

Can only wonder if it will get slower and slower the more transactions you have. Presumably there is a point where there is a cache on your phone to speed things up so you aren’t downloading each transaction anew but I’m guessing here.

Definitely something I’d like to see speed up.

BTW - you’ve asked for Votes but your title is a question - maybe rephrase to “Quicker transaction feed”?


I didn’t know I’d asked for votes to be honest :sweat_smile:

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Yeap it’s terrible to update most of the time, even if I’m on the worlds best internet connection.


I abandoned the app before it even updated before, I’ve just went into it and it finally finished updating and this mornings transaction isn’t even there!

I find myself having to force close the app sometimes to force a refresh. I think there needs to be an option to manually refresh in-app.


Same boat takes forever to update one or two transactions by time it has been done I’ve lost interest to check no pun intended hopefully something will be put in place to help with the refresh rate.

takes ages for anything now even on wifi

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I also find the transaction speed takes ages to update on a good wifi connection - it’s very annoying.

What i hate aswell, is when you open the app from the home screen (not from notification) and it takes you straight to a transaction. Just take me to my summary

Slow feed has been a problem for ages, don’t think Monzo cares enough though.

Updates to the transaction feed have been getting slower and slower for me in the last few weeks.

iPhone X
iOS 13.1.2
Monzo 3.1.0

Edit: sometimes it doesn’t do it at all (even with a good data connection) and just says e.g. “updated 14 minutes ago” unless I switch to the payments tab and back.


Might be worth adding, perhaps Push Notifications are too fast for their own good. The same thing applies with Microsoft Outlook on iOS 13.

ding - New Email. - clicks notification - Outlook takes a while to actually pull the content in.

Is this unique to Monzo? Anyone else experiencing this elsewhere?

Unique to Monzo for me. The length of time the feed states “updating” for, before it shows the latest transaction is increasing for me. No difference if the notification was 10 seconds ago or 5 minutes ago. The app also doesn’t seem to make good use of the background app refresh feature in iOS.

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Every other banking app I have will use the loading screen time and/or background refresh to pull in the latest balance and transactions but for Monzo, it’s either too much work or they can’t be bothered.

Still, the diehard supporters love them.

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We’re not fetching the entire transaction history every time are we? (I’ve got a slow feed, been Mondo since beta)

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A little harsh perhaps. Sometimes it infuriates me that Lloyds etc have a screen that takes ages to load things (to hide a slow feed update) when all I want to see is how much a transaction was, quickly. Or… make a quick payment. Monzo need to work on the speed it updates though, certainly. It’s not perfect, but at least the app can function in other ways.

Is this not a recent thing with the introduction of the new layout?

I don’t think I had problems until I switched over.

Maybe I did, just on the old layout I could swipe down to refresh.

So Monzo is not the only guilty party here but as a bank newer IT systems, this should not happen.

I go back to my comments re possible reasons why it remains unchanged.