✅ [iOS] App keeps refreshing when closing

Only came across this problem recently, so when I was setting up a new transfer in the app, and had to go back to another screen on my phone to enter the details, as soon as you tap away from
The Monzo app and go to the other screen Monzo resets back to no details. :thinking:
Could you create a fix for this if possible? With lots of people having fintech banks now phone apps hold all the information we need to do transfers etc so switching between screens and the details to stay would be a good idea.


The same thing happens to my app. It’s very annoying.

OS: iOS 12.1

Device: iPhone 6s

App Version: 2.25.0

NB: I’ve recategorised this as a Bug.

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Same only started today for me. Very noticeable.

Same here! I was trying to create an international transfer using account details from TransferWise app, every time I used app switcher, Monzo app switched back to activity feed whereas TransferWise stayed on the page opened before! Please fix this :slight_smile:

I was trying to add a new payee so I was switching from Monzo app to Notes app to copy the sort code then switched back to Monzo to paste it in the payment screen but when I switched back, Monzo had reset and displayed the home screen. It’s no longer remembering the last position used. I hope this can be fixed as it’s really useful and saves having to write down numbers.

As soon as I use multitasking and move away from Monzo, even for a spilt second, Monzo resets to the home screen. It never used to do this. Is anyone else experiencing this?

iOS 12.1
iPhone XS Max
App version 2.25.0


I am - on my little iPhone 6!

It was such a handy feature. Hopefully the powers that be will reinstate it soon

Please fix. It used to keep the state when goes to background, but now resets to home screen when you switch out of the app, as if it crashes in background. iPhone 7 Plus

This was one of the things I loved about Monzo app, it was allowed you to multitask between apps. It didnt force you to relogin/refresh all of the time, like some other shoddy written banking apps - Santander I’m looking at you!

Please bring this back!


You’re right, it was so easy and simple and how it’s gone the frustration levels increase significantly

Just installed the latest app and it looks like its neen fixed. Thank you so much!


You’re right it’s fixed. Monzo :heart: