✅ [iOS] "Switch to Monzo" showing - but I've already switched [NOT BUG]

Issue: The “Switch to Monzo” option is still showing on my profile page, despite me having already switched to Monzo (the process completed a few days ago).

Details to reproduce: Open profile and scroll down
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 2.15.0

Screenshots: IMG_5612

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I think the option stays there in case you ever have anymore accounts you’ll like to close down with CASS into Monzo.

It’s not a bug IMO.

Ah, ok. My bad!

It’s intentional, but mildly annoying :frowning:


Why? :slight_smile:

You can switch any number of accounts to Monzo - I don’t think it would make sense to hide this away after one switch.


I for one have switched 2 or 3 into Monzo since it launched. (Mostly ones that were opened for the introductory high interest).

The copy suggests it’s for the first time you want to switch your account to Monzo which is why it’s mildly annoying. If the copy were improved or made dynamic then it would make more sense.


I agree with this. Even if it says “Switch another account to Monzo” or something to that effect if you have already done it once. That way it acknowledges that you have already switched at least once but is giving you the option to do it again.

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Apologies - I was confusing this with the more prominent banner that used to be in the app (and which has since gone away).

My bad - the entry in the settings is unobtrusive and should stay.

(That’ll teach me for firing off responses without thinking!)