✅ [iOS] App Keeps Crashing

The app keeps on crashing.

It sits on the monzo logo with the usual start screen for about 30 seconds and then the app crashes and returns to my home screen.

This has happened before and I ended up updating the app which then made it work but this time there is no update and I have deleted then re-installed 3 times and still it wont work.

When I do re install I have to log in again and once I click the link sent to my email it takes me back to Monzo and then does nothing, just stays on the screen ‘we’ve sent you a link’.

I’m really stuck as I genuinely am without any money but I really don’t know what I else I could do.

Device is Iphone 6s Plus and App Version is 2.6.0

Any help is welcome! Thanks!

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Get in touch with help@monzo.com.

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Thank you, I have now!

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you might try this process about deleting previous magic links ???

this was from the prepaid era so ignore the last step about 9 digit number

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Second this as well as try deleting the app and reinstalling it if you haven’t tried that already.


Thanks, I gave it a go but unfortunately still having the same issue. A loading screen comes up once I click the magic link but then is back to the usual screen ‘we’ve sent a link’


Basically what’s happening is that the Monzo backend is responding to the app with something it doesn’t understand so it stays stuck on that magic link screen because the screen that’s supposed to load is crashing because of the unexpected/malformed data. Monzo has to fix this on their end (or push an app update that will understand this data) before you can log in.


I am in touch with Monzo Help trying to solve the issue. I agree with you though. Will update what happens on here


What happened with this please?

Monzo have stopped helping me after several failed attempts through email to help. I have done everything and anything I can think of and still cannot open the app. It’s been almost a month.

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