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Is it too much to ask for a way to refresh the feed when you know it’s not showing the correct state? Pull down to refresh is a UI standard on iOS so it seems a bit jarring for it to jump to another areas of the app instead.

Pulling down on iOS takes you to the pot/account swtiching screen but you can get to the exact same screen by clicking the portrait icon in the top left-hand corner so why not change to the pull down gesture to be a refresh?

The fact I have to force close the Monzo app more than any other app shows that there’s an issue here (which can be easily fixed) so i’m curious why they’re never got around to fixing it.


Hit payments at the bottom then go back onto the feed, saves you force closing

I’ll try that out next time, thanks. Does that definitely cause a refresh? When I had an out of data feed just now I was switching accounts and moving between pots and nothing caused the feed to update.

If the payments switching causes a refresh that will be a big help but ultimately I hope they add a proper refresh gesture to prevent others having this issue. They should really be adding gestures that users are familiar with and no having a secret way to update the feed.

It really shouldn’t be necessary to manually refresh, the app is supposed to update as and when it needs. If you’re having that issue repeatedly you may want to consider deinstalling and reinstalling the app, see if that fixes the issue. It’s been an issue in the past from memory but I believe the app had been updated to prevent it happening.

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Can’t remember the last time it didn’t update quickly for me

Well last week, but that was an internet being rubbish issue


Yeah to be fair feels like it’s been a little while since I’ve needed to know, I just got used to the payments switch trick from when it was slow before and now I do it just to check it’s up to date quite regularly out of habit (but recently has always been)

I also have to force close from time to time. It periodically get’s stuck at “last updated yesterday…”

It would be helpful to have the pull-down function to refresh instead.


Same thing happens to me from time to time.

It does happen a fair bit for me. Sometimes in the morning it will show the status from yesterday and even say ‘updated a few seconds a ago’ when clearly not the case.

Last night I made a payment and I got the notification, clicked the notification and the payment wasn’t showing in the app and therefore it showed an inaccurate balance.

I had to reinstall the app not long ago to fix another issue so I know that’s not a fix.

Ideally there should be no reason to have to manually refresh the app but there are obviously some instances where the app doesn’t refresh as it should so in these cases allowing people to pull down to refresh would be a way around it.

I agree that this is a problem.

Maybe vote here in this new topic then?

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