iPhone app continuously crashes

while i wait for my card to arrive (it’s late) the monzo app crashes whenever i try to use it, respond to a message, etc. forcing me to request another email to allow me to login. it’s happened 7 times so far today. it’s pretty annoying.

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I’m sorry to hear about this, it sounds like a similar issue to one that was raised in another topic recently -

could you let us know whether either of these solutions work for you?

should have mentioned, ios11 beta 2.

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i’ll try that, thanks.

thanks alex. just got this. i deleted the app and started again. so far so good. just waiting for the card to arrive.

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sadly no help here - im running threee iphones on ios 9 10 and 11 and all of them app is crashing - occasionally it will get as far as allowing me to see a balance but attempt to do anything including chat then it will crash

is there any other way to chat to customer services eg to change pin address etc than through the app?

Customer Services
0800 8021 456


I just updated to the latest version of the app, and I’m getting the same issue

I’ve deleted, rebooted and reinstalled the app but it still crashes as soon as it opens - HELP!

A few of us are having the same issue on the iPhone X - App crashes upon opening

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