App Crashes Upon Login

(Thomas Spencer) #1

Just downloaded app version 1.9.10 on my iPhone 6S currently ios 11.0 (beta programme). Although I have not yet received my card as of yesterday it was ‘on the way’, I am now unable to login to the app. If I go to ‘Already have an account? Log in’ it allows me to enter a email address where it then sends a link to login. After clicking this link it reopens the app but then crashes and the app closes. Upon reopening the app I am presented with the initial page once again. Seem to be stuck in a loop. Is this just because I don’t have my card yet or possibly a larger issue?

Thanks in advance

iPhone app continuously crashes
App experience as new user - crashes
(Rich) #2

I’d say 99% certain that it is because you’re running iOS 11, this is buggy prerelease software and you can’t expect all apps to run as they should

(Thomas Spencer) #3

Thanks for the quick response! Is it worth mentioning that it was working on the previous release? I guess there is at least another 6-8 weeks before the official release of ios11!

(Herp Derp) #4

I am on iOS11 Dev 3 and Monzo does not crash for me, I have iPhone 6.

iPhone app continuously crashes
(Thomas Spencer) #5

Not 100% sure which release I am on, although seems to be no software update at the moment. I will try a new download of the app and see if that helps.

(Rich) #6

yeah, I had the previous build working on iOS 11 for a week before I downgrading to iOS 10. @Danny yeah you can have some working and some not on occasion :confused:

(Thomas Spencer) #7

Reinstalling the app seems to of resolved the issue! Thanks for the help guys!

iPhone app continuously crashes