iOS 11.3 beta is out with long awaited features

So iOS 11.3 bet is finally here with iMessages in icloud and airplay 2 among others. But these two features I have been really looking forward to :+1:t2:

Link to macrumors thread for the features.

Yep and the Monzo app works well on beta 1!!!

Time to go and upgrade :slight_smile:

I can say that airplay 2 is working really well. :sunglasses: just a shame it is only audio and not video :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It syncs with other devices/computers that also have that feature.

You’ve also got to make sure you’re checking in the correct location… I was looking at the share button on the search results view, not the spending tab :wink:

On my Mac the option is still greyed out :man_shrugging:t2:

Oh and I take it back about airplay 2. Seems you can no longer stream video to a tv as it only sends the videos audio. And the audio is out of sync with the video.

And I shall be downgrading, less than an hour after upgrading.

The Netflix app doesn’t work :frowning:

Neither does NowTV on the Apple TV. Not tried the other video apps yet :-1:t2:

Hmm, I was able to get NowTV to work.

The Netflix app can’t seem to connect to the internet (I had a similar issue with the National Lottery app a few betas back).

Was that on the phone or the Apple TV? The Apple TV app for NowTV is still a terrible 7 year old one.

Ah, yeah, sorry. I read ‘on’ as ‘and’ for some reason.

Yeah, I saw that app on the App Store, the one with a terrible rating. I don’t actually own an Apple TV (actually, that’s not strictly true, I do, but I don’t have a power adapter for it).


So Sky have release a new much better app for every other device and OS with the exception of the Apple TV. Even the Samsung tv has it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks like it.

They even ditched Silverlight, finally (although you still have to download their own native application, which is still a pain, but not as much as requiring Silverlight).


I was gonna post this in the iOS 11 thread this morning when I mentioned it on the slack but @Feathers closed it coz iOS 11 is out but obvs BETA’s still exist so I never bothered lol

Anyway cloud sync msg ftw

And… I forgot how iOS backups work.

I just wasted loads of time restoring the backup to the iOS 10.3 install…

Incidentally, it does feel snappier…

You mean that if you have saved 11.3 backup you cannot restore to it if you drop to 11.2?

No, I restored the backup onto the iOS 10.3, as in, I didn’t downgrade iOS before I restored the backup, so the data was just upgraded to iOS 10.3.

I’m now trying to figure out how participants of the public beta downgrade without access to the images of previous versions…

EDIT: Figured it out, now I just have to wait between 2 and 4 hours while iTunes downloads iOS 11.2.5 :frowning:

I’m confused iOS 10 or iOS 11?

But yeah I’m not sure how someone downgrades from a public beta.

Yeah, sorry, one too many energy drinks I think.

All iOS 11, ignore any mention of iOS 10.

You have to connect the iDevice to iTunes in recovery mode, then select the ‘Restore’ option. iTunes will restore it with the latest public version.

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