iOS 10 beta testers

As iOS 10 is now available as a beta I was wondering if you were looking for any beta testers where you are developing any new iOS 10 functionality?

As I know Mondo has a lot on its plate this scenario may fit best next year with iOS 11 and android O but thought it was worth asking the question.

I don’t believe it is possible to release apps built with unreleased SDKs to external beta testers (or the public app store). It may be possible with internal testers, but you’re limited to 20 of those.

My understanding was that you could still use test flight for betas providing the phone was on the required beta version. Though I could be wrong with this.

This is correct. If you have TestFlight running on iOS 10 then developers can deploy apps built for iOS 10 for testing. Will also apply when the public beta launches in a few weeks

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Hey Frank :slight_smile: We’ll definitely support iOS 10 when it’s publicly released (and probably before). Changes will go to Testflight like normal I imagine. Thanks!

I can say there are no issues (apart from Intercomm (which is their issue)) with iOS 10 b2.

Few issues on b2 for me

Widgets do not load now where as they did on b1
HomeKit app does not want to pick up my Hue
Also appears that neither Sierra or iOS 10 want to pick up Meraki management profiles either

Don’t get me started on watchOS 3 and Sierra… Awful, just awful. Well watchOS 3 anyway.

I don’t get an Apple Pay option when topping up in iOS 10, although I don’t remember it being in iOS 9 either haha

Metro isn’t Apple Pay yet and I stopped using Boon but never had option when I did.

I was talking about the Mondo app in general :wink:
Since we are talking about iOS 10 b2 in general, again I’ve not really any issues.
Widgets and HomeKit and auto unlock works without any issues for me. The only issue i’ve had is copying and pasting in some apps crashes and podcast app pausing randomly when connected to a bluetooth speaker. Otherwise its been perfect for me.

This is currently the most annoying thing, happens in Overcast on the internal speakers too.

Ah well, at least almost all my reported bugs from the last beta were fixed!

I think this forum needs off topic tags…

Anyway widgets are working now after I reset network settings so no idea what was causing that.

I don’t have the podcast issue however I do have an issue with MDM not pushing the settings over to the handset, works fine on everything else bar iOS 10.

I’m gonna revisit HomeKit and Hue later

I’m using iOS 10 beta.

The Test Flight version of Mondo that was released tonight crashes when opening. I’ll probably have to go back to the previous Mondo release via the App Store which was working fine.

I’m also on iOS 10 beta and Testflight Mondo and it’s working fine for me.

Same issue. Was fixed for me by removing and reinstalling the TestFlight build.

Is TouchID working for you guys with iOS 10?

I go into the new profile section, turn on TouchID then go back. When I go back to the profile section, TouchID resets back to off. If I don’t go back to the profile section it seems to work.

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Found the same. Looks like it isn’t reloading properly or something, defaulting to off and saving that when you back out again.

Thanks! The reinstall worked for me!