Apple Pay cash showing up

(Anthony Philip) #1

How strange? :thinking::shushing_face: #ApplePaycash showing up for me here in the UK on the EE network, though unable to setup? Looks promising!

(Frank) #2

Have you managed to download beta 2? Mine keeps saying it’s up to date :thinking:

(Herp Derp) #3

Yeah Apple Cash came with OS 11.2 beta 2

(Anthony Philip) #4

Morning Danny definitely couldn’t agree more, though it’s region specific to the U.S right now and not the U.K according to many reports?

Seems like we could be the second wave to get it in my opinion.

(Anthony Philip) #5

I had iPhone X 11.2 beta and it showed up randomly without the need to further update. A flick switch on Apple server side most probably.

(Frank) #6

I mean it appeared to others in the US in beta 2. But I didn’t think I had downloaded the second beta (seems I did at some point).

Though it has just appeared for me too. Fails after setting up two factor.

(Frank) #7

Ah I didn’t see @Danny comment but yeah that. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Anthony Philip) #8

It’s all but a waiting game in fintech right now. Apple Pay on Monzo, N26 UK launch and Apple Pay Cash in the U.K.

An overkill of finanacial products emerging. Exciting times.

(Caspar) #9

Doesn’t show up for me on the beta. Is your region set to US on iOS settings? Maybe it’s something weird on the X if you’re both using that.

I’m looking forward to it, though I know it’ll eat into what I get transferred straight into my Monzo account from friends and colleagues, I had most people I knew using Monzo PP though since I moved to the CA before they did, I’d asked most of them not to send me money that way. But I’ll have it linked to my Monzo CA to send money from/return money to anyway ultimately.

(Frank) #10

It didnt show up for me. I changed to the US and still nothing. Changed back to the UK and it suddenly appeared.

(David) #11

It would be great to see Monzo become the WhatsApp / PayPal of cross platform payments. Apple Pay Cash and the Android equivalent will be very convenient, but feel like they might be space for monzo to make it easy across platforms.

(Allie) #12

Even if it did launch in the UK it wouldn’t be very useful. Not many places here have contactless D-PAS support. Heck, it’s problematic enough in the US that I expect a lot of users will be disappointed with acceptance.

(MikeF) closed #13

Apple Pay Cash is now being discussed here: