iOS 11 Betas

Tomorrow, Apple will be announcing the next generation of their mobile platform - iOS 11.

I’d like to post here today to say if you rely on the Monzo app, then maybe wait until a few users/developers have installed the beta and confirm the app still functions as it should.

I plan on checking it out and will report back here when I know more. I may not have access to them first though, so feel free to update if you get there first.


I’ll jump on it immediately as usual. :thumbsup:

As usual with developer betas, I’ll give this warning to the Monzo community: x.0b1 releases are usually very rough. Major functionality will be broken. If you rely on your iPhone, Watch, iPad, or Mac in any way, stay clear of non-public developer releases.

Additional reminder that unless you work in a few places at Apple, don’t expect to be able to downgrade your Watch back to a stable release of watchOS.

If you have any iOS/tvOS/watchOS/macOS beta software profiles installed on your devices, this is your last day to remove them before they start automatically downloading the OTA updates tomorrow.


I will be on this as soon as soon as it is out

Why not just wait for the Public Beta?

Monzo is working fine on iOS11


Working fine for me too… A little slow but is to be expected! :grinning:


I’d been waiting for the iOS11 announcement to decide what my next phone will be…

After 10 years with an iPhone, I’m going to jump ship! I’m utterly disappointed by the lack of development, features and forward thinking. Whilst I accept iOS is a great system, I feel that it’s stagnant and Android is now starting to jump well ahead.


I tend to agree to an extent and have thought about it myself. Bought a Samsung S8 and actually felt it wasn’t as good as iOS after trying for a few days. I went straight back to iOS, after having been on it 10 years like you. What specifically do you think Android does better?


I tried Android and went back to iOS purely because the apps are not as good and tend to always be behind iOS (Monzo case in point) granted some of the hardware is far superior to iPhone but I just don’t like the software.

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I admit, I’m commenting having not used Android, but I read a lot! Things Android seems to do better… Widget support, customisation, default app choices, cleverer things like turning on wifi when you get home (being more aware), Google Now (I’m one of the minority that doesn’t mind Google knowing all about me if it makes it work better for me), NFC, notifications are better.

I’d love to be able to test drive it - to check my theory before committing.


Also, better sharing options, better keyboard choices, Google Chrome, URLs launching in apps, better assistant inc. home automation are some other things Android is better at that spring to mind.


Don’t forget the remote pwnage!

Anyways this is an iOS thread so move your Android chat that way >>>>>



Oh just a heads up in case you didn’t know, 32 bit apps are no longer supported which means RIP to my fave app London Bus Times by Malcolm Barclay (a decent dev that left due to piracy).

Who needs 32bit apps anyways…

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Me, I had one app I used all the time but the guy stopped updating it years ago but it always worked until now but other than that no one.

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From what I saw, I believe (though I’m not running the beta, so can’t confirm) that you will be able to customise control centre, and developers will have access to the NFC in iOS 11.

Do you turn WiFi off when you’re not at home? I’m curious what the purpose of this would be.

I would assume to save battery.


If the WiFi’s not connected to a network, and you have disabled the setting to notify you when new networks are detected, I would be surprised if the WiFi had a noticeable impact on battery life. But I’ve never seen any test on this, would be interesting to know.

It stops the phone/tablet seeking nearby WiFi signals and therefore as @HoddzDJ said it does save your battery. In reality if you leave the WiFi option on in many cases it will only detect secure signals that you can not get into without a password. Best therefore to only turn it on when you get to a McDonald’s or a hôtel where you trust their WiFi and are given a password or just have to accept usage terms in your browser