iOS 11.3 beta is out with long awaited features

(Brandon Billingham) #24

This worries me given the reluctance for Now TV to update it!

(Brandon Billingham) #25

A pain, based on some horrid Cisco tech and often doesn’t work!

(Frank) #26

I think up to now Apple devs have been making it work.


Strangely, Netflix started working after I restored the backup. Not sure if there was a new version that was downloaded.

However, I’ve now noticed that Nationwide doesn’t work… I had the exact same issue on the iOS 11 beta, so I’m starting to think that Nationwide deliberately make their app crash on beta versions…

(Frank) #28

I think some apps have some form of code signing against the device ID which I believe changes with major version updates (beta specific or not I’m not sure). Could be this?

I had a similar issue with the Barclays app.