Introducing Monzo Chat

(Jolin) #83

Agreed, I think having search would help a lot now we have a single chat thread interface. Like @robt and @redshift, I have come around to liking the single thread. But a good way to jump to specific past issues would be helpful.

(Nathan) #84

It would be nice for a plan to come out on Chat/Support similar to a mini big list because it is a KEY and cant stress that enough part of being an online/app only bank.

Wait times need to improve and functionality definitely needs to improve vastly.

(Tom) #85

@BethS I had a query about the new chat - I’ve currently got an open ticket (for nothing major, just a weird bug COps have escalated/are investigating). If I have a new issue, I can’t use the Urgent flag because the other chat is still ‘active’. Does my new request go to the back of the normal queue, or am I in a different ‘escalated’ queue somewhere? How does that work?


Couldn’t agree more about value of both Search in Monzo Chat, and visibility of Monzo Chat roadmap. :ok_hand:

(Neil M) #87

Does anyone know what Software the new Chat is based on and is it open source?
As Rather than just discussing this stuff I could just have a play with it instead and see if I can figure out away to do the search function


It’s their own custom chat to my knowledge

(Tom) #89

Monzo built it themselves in-house.

(Neil M) #90

Oh…That’s annoying


Feel free to bring it up in the chat you’re in - the conversation shouldn’t be closed until the initial query is also dealt with.

(Tom) #92

Thanks. Was more wanting to make sure I wouldn’t get lost in the system somewhere in a random queue.

What should I do if I did have an urgent query in this scenario (I don’t, just curious)?


Raise a normal chat :blush: not seen how that works on our end though, could be interesting.

(Tom) #94

But that would stay in the regular queue though, surely? As opposed to the Urgent queue?


My bad, I read that as non urgent (my brain wakes up properly at 3 when I start :wink:)

Is your current chat urgent? That might be why it’s not allowing you to surface a new urgent chat.

If it’s not already urgent, I’ll have a look at passing it onto the Monzo Chat team. Because in theory, if you’re already in touch with us, it’s much better just to reply to any open conversations than opening a new one. Urgent or non urgent.

(Tom) #96

No, the current chat is non-urgent. There’s no new issue, was just hypothetical :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jaspal) #97

Hello, I’ve been trying to get a hold of a Monzo customer service adviser to help me, kind of urgent, have tried contacting since 8:30am no reply, no sign of a Urgent button

(Jolin) #98

Are you contacting them through the app? It seems that, as @Hatticus pointed out :point_up_2:, once you have submitted an unanswered chat message, the Urgent button disappears for any new message you want to submit. Did you mark the first message you sent as urgent? If so, the whole thing should be in the urgent queue. If not, I don’t know what to suggest, it does seem to be a problem with the current system that it’s not possible to submit an urgent issue if you have a non-urgent one outstanding already.

(Tom) #99

@beths, any way to give this a nudge from your end?


Completely agree with this.

I do think some sort of re-nameable bookmarks system would be useful too. Conversations could be separated based on when the emoji customer survey appears.