Introducing Monzo Chat

(Jonathon) #62

No idea. It looks bad on my side; like a desperate person trying to get someone’s attention on WhatsApp.


No it doesn’t. We get assigned a chat based on the age of the oldest unread message.

A COp should be able to address both queries in the same chat, please feel free to send a second message in the same chat!

(Tom) #65

Oh cool, thanks for clarifying! :smiley:

(Sam H) #66

I got a reply this morning, so just under 48 hours for a response - not too bad I suppose. However, with the new Monzo chat I didn’t get a notification that I’d received a response! :scream: I’ve only just noticed that I had received a reply when I noticed in the app a little indicator next to the Help icon. Is this expected or a bug? With an urgent query, I’d definitely want to be notified when I receive a response rather than manually checking.

(Tom) #67

I’ve been getting push-notifications as normal. Maybe try re-installing?

(Liam) #68

I’ve never had reliable notifications, and I’m still on Intercom. The email notifications are usually the only way I know I’ve got a reply.

(Sam H) #69

It’s reassuring to know push-notifications still exist for the chat and it must just be my device. I’ll give reinstalling a go. With the new chat I didn’t seem to get an email either - I also used to rely on that when the notifications were flaky.

(Kolok) #70

I was waiting 48 hours for a reply for a query marked as urgent (it was pretty urgent) and after 48 hrs I just sent a message asking what’s going on and I got a reply within 2 mins , seems that something is seriously broken with new chat feature , it’s not fit for purpose if chats that aren’t answered as soon as possible, just slip further down the list and are not reassigned to someone else or flagged at cops end.

(Charlie) #71

I second this! Seems that messages on Monzo’s side just get lost if not answered quickly. Surely messages should be answered by whos been waiting the longest? Unless it is a live chat and messages are going back and forth quickly.

(Kolok) #72

Yes! That’s exactly the explanation I got for why my urgent chat wasn’t replied to for 48 hours until I sent a new message and it bumped it up.

The move from intercom chat software was premature and it left my account virtually unusable for 2 days.

(Sam H) #73

It’s been 6 days now without a proper response. First response was within 48 hours which is about on the limit of acceptability for me, I responded giving my consent for a credit check. I heard nothing back for 3 days following that, so I sent a message asking if the credit check had been carried out. I received a message a few hours later from a new COp saying they would need to check with the first COp I spoke to! Surely there are some internal systems at monzo that show this sort of thing!

If I’d had to wait almost a week (and counting) for a resolution when communicating with my legacy bank NatWest I wouldn’t be happy.

(Jack) #74

Do Monzo have any estimations as to when they feel the support times will fall back to normal? Do they have a projection based off their hiring plan?


So I sent a message on the new Monzo chat on Monday…tumbleweeds…
I tweeted the Monzo twitter to complain about lack of activity this morning…tumbleweeds.

I get there is a lot going on with the crowdfunding round etc, but this needs to be kept on top of if growth is going to be maintained. Epic support is one of hallmarks of the brand and this Monzo chat implementation seems to be closer to shit show than ambitious MVP (at least that’s my perception :man_shrugging:).

What is the timescale for the service to be back on a par with our previous experiences via Intercom?

(Jolin) #76

Just as a point of reference, before Monzo Chat started rolling out, Intercom response times had already become very long. So I’m not sure the two are related, though it doesn’t help with the overall impression.


Fair point. My last experience was possibly as much as a month ago (I can’t see now) and it was still very speedy then. The meteoric growth rate could easily have resulted in issues in the meantime I guess.


OK, so I feel I should close the loop now support replied to my message.

Response time was 56hrs 50 mins for a non-urgent request. Previously I have had responses within the hour or at worst within a couple of hours for non urgent issues. Twitter response was 9hrs 50 or so and DM of account email to support reply was another 9hrs 40 or so.

According to the support rep (Brenda :ok_hand:) Monzo have hired 150 people into the support org in the last 2 months. If that number is accurate then :scream:wow! :chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:I am more sympathetic to the pain that must be going on behind the scenes. That being said, that is the company’s problem not the customer’s, so needs to be resolved and all those people up to speed pronto.

As for Monzo Chat itself, the UX was definitely not M or V of MVP. I am 100% supportive of the need for an in house platform (I don’t see anything else scaling as well) and the MVP approach, but we all have crazy high expectations for chat interfaces. We use iMessage, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Slack all day - that is a horrible benchmark to approach, especially having got everybody used to the buttery smooth intercom. Frankly I think people will be accepting of a slightly juddery UI with no animations, and even slow load times, but the basics need to be in place: Timestamps, delivery confirmation, seen confirmation. Transition animations from typing field to Sent message, and person is typing indicators, ability to reply to or quote specific messages etc can all follow later. Having said this I now look back at my chat and timestamps have appeared…so clearly still being worked on! :joy:

There has been a lot of talk in the forum about single chat versus chat for each topic /ticket. I appreciate the desire for multiple ticket threads (I like it too) but I think Monzo have made the right call here. A single thread between the customer and company is way more scalable and can still work if you allow quoting and replying to specific messages like WhatsApp. We all have single thread convos with our friends covering a million topics and it works fine. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, that’s my ten pence worth….


I read a comment from a Monzo bod somewhere last night that they are taking on another 100 by year end


Has anyone tried Google One support yet? I was pretty impressed. You are given 3 choices: live chat, phone or email. Live chat opens up a separate app window/applet(?) - helpful if you want to more conveniently switch between apps. And a notification indicating your queue position appears counting down.

I was transferred almost immediately up the ranks to more technical support, and they were seamlessly able to join the existing chat.

The problem wasn’t solved in the end but I’ve been reassured it’s been sent to the correct team for proper investigation and an email update to follow.

Honestly it was very similar to Monzo’s support just a lot faster than currently :yum:

P.S. I’m kinda a fan of the one convo now by the way. I guess I’d still like sessions to be bookmarked and archived at least. :+1:

Estimated time or position in queue is honestly invaluable.

(Neil M) #81

Is there anyway of time stamping when an issue has been resolved?
E.g The COp writes a standard finish conversation and then the system just matches that statement with a timestamp and line of summary. Which could then be searchable?
Alternatively should I be asking this question on the Slack?


Do we know if we will get search functionality within monzo chat? Abit annoying having to scroll.