New Monzo help chat

Hey people :wave:

I was wondering if someone else’s Monzo chat looks a bit weird, compared to a few months ago.

I remember it being separate for each conversation you’ve had, and honestly a better design to it.

Now I can’t see my previous chats and the last 2 times I’ve messaged Monzo are in one big chat with some weird design, and every time I open it goes to the top of the conversation. :woman_shrugging:

They recently switched from a third-party chat system to one they’ve built themselves. It does look a bit weird, and they did it largely unannounced.



Oh I see. :grimacing:

I liked the other one better! But I do understand they want to use something they built themselves rather than using a third-party system.

Hopefully they’ll improve this with time :crossed_fingers:

I tried to start a discussion on it here:

It would be useful to provide feedback to Monzo on the new chat, as I agree it needs a fair amount of work.

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I’ve tried to look for something regarding the chat here but I couldn’t find it, I guess I’m still fairly new here :grimacing:

I’ll definitely take a look at it :eyes:

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Only a fraction of customers are on the new system right now so it can be accurately stress-tested before we roll it out to everyone. We’ll be talking more about it as we continue to roll it out, but we’re pleased with the progress!

@dgores it would be interesting to know what you preferred about the previous design and interface?

I’ve seen a few people on here being caught unaware by this, though. I know I was a bit baffled at first until I remembered someone on the forums mentioning a new chat system was being made.

Maybe consider some sort of in-chat message for those that have been switched explaining why things look different, and why their archive has disappeared – along with a link for providing feedback for you.


@simonb the previous chat system had a more ‘clean’ look to it, also every conversation was stored separately. More like a normal message system looks like nowadays (iMessage or Facebook messanger), it would give a more normal and familiar look to it.

Also all the archived conversations disappeared :pensive:


You don’t start multiple chats with the same person though? :thinking:

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I never spoke with the same person more than once. Every time I would have an issue I would start a new conversation with a new person, and it would be stored by COps. Like iMessage for example.


But you’re still contacting one entity at a time.

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I think what @dgores would prefer is to have each issue stored as a separate thread, which makes sense to me too.


True, but each chat is essentially a new support ticket, so different chats for each request makes sense.

EDIT: still trying to work out replies on here…


@hdwrng yeah exactly. I think I wasn’t explaining myself correctly.

Just trying to understand how you see and use it!

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@BethS now everything is in one message, even if you started a new issue, it takes you to that same message but another person will be replying to you.


We do like to keep as much of the conversation in one place. It’s much easier to follow as a COp.

We can deal with all issues in one chat instead of two COps possibly talking to you at the same time for two different issues.

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100% agree with what others are saying, each chat should be it’s own ticket

So. You are saying that a new subject that you are talking about you want as a new conversation. If it’s a new Cop helping you on same subject it should stay in the same chat.

1st November Pin help - as many cops can come in and help
5th November Merchant - start a new chat for it.

Is that what you are trying to explain?

EDIT: I know nothing about Monzo chat or what monzo sees or does. Never used it ever.


Yes, exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologise for starting a new thread on this subject :grimacing:

I’m quite new here, so I guees I need to learn how this here really works :nerd_face:

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