Standard of support slipping?

I’ve been with Monzo since October 2016 and personally love the app and banking experience. I am also an investor and regular reader of the forum.
There is, however, one thing that I really do think has gone downhill. In app chat support.
Now this isn’t the usual ‘it takes too long to get a response’ complaint, personally I’ve always been happy with the response times.
My issue is with the new unified chat and switch off between multiple members of staff mid conversation.
I have an issue with Shared Tabs not working on my device at all, multiple reinstalls, downgraded to release version etc with no fix. What is bothering me is I’m trying to provide as much information as I can to Monzo to help them find and fix this bug.
Every time I do I get another person, another scripted response and a few times I’ve even been promised it will be escalated… Only for someone else to join the chat and promise they’ll escalate it… Hold on I thought you already had??
Promises from staff saying they’re going to look into it with no further update.

Long story short I think the multiple staff members chipping in, some obviously more trained than others, is really hurting the effectiveness of support. If it’s an ongoing issue it would be nice to have one or two members of staff sticking with it and providing timely updates. It would feel like real, personalised support without another agent needing to read through the notes. Similar to a case manager approach.

What do other people think? How has everyone else’s support experience been? Do you like the new ‘continuous single chat’ approach?


Not used it often so can’t really comment on that.

However I agree, single ‘call’ resolution is usually the best way to handle these things, one person who deals with it all, even if they are liasing with more knowledgeable customers (which in turn helps spread knowledge internally).

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I understand their reasoning behind it, helps with staff shifts and speed of response. This is great for simple queries.

However on an ongoing or more complex issue I think a single case manager would be best.


What’s going on with shared tabs - this is the first I’ve heard of there being an issue with them?

It’s a weird issue!
Basically I have a Shared Tab running with my partner. This works fine on her device. I can add to it with no problem. However when I navigate to the Shared Tabs screen there’s nothing there, it’s just blank.
When I reinstall the app it appears once, on the first load. If I go to another screen and then go back it’s blank again.
This is on release and beta versions.

Very weird bug and basically stops me using the Tab properly.


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This bug has been reported here:

Could be worth commenting with your bug report details and then up voting the bug so it gets more attention.


Ah fantastic! Thank you so much, I’ll do that now.

My point still stands on the continuous chat approach of support however! :blush:


The standard of support has definitely dropped significantly, haven’t used it many times , but clearly copy paste scripted answers, is there machine learning or similar suggesting responses based on key words?

I once asked about a magstripe card payment not working, and boom a long post about magstripe atm withdrawals got posted and all about using ATMs abroad.


I’ve had this issue recently.
I respond to a message right after I’ve received it, and then minutes later it a response comes from a totally different person.
I’ve also responded to messages where it was put to me that I had one person dealing, only not to get a response at all when I reply back to them, until days later I send another message chasing and it gets assigned to someone else to pick up. Its a bit confusing.

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Yeah I had one that spanned 10 staff members over 4 days, it got a bit silly. But I complained and got an apology and assumed it was being addressed to stop it happening again :woman_shrugging:


Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience here. It sounds like you’ve been passed around the houses a bit here. I’ll take a look at what’s happened behind the scenes and make sure we’re chasing this bug down.

Thanks for bearing with us!


Thank you Richard (@cookywook).
I understand it’s a bug and these things happen. I think the bigger thing to take away from this thread may be the approach to changing agents on chat support, perhaps an option (your side) to ‘pin’ the chat to a particular agent’s workload to ensure they follow up themselves?


I opened a ticket on friday (non urgent) and got a reply at 6am on Saturday. I replied 2 hours later at 8am… and had no reply since :sob:

No idea why, normally it’s really fast support. Worried it’s all slipping again :frowning:


This happened to me too recently :open_mouth:

Got a bit frustrating because those who took over appeared to just skim the discussion so I found that I was repeating myself a lot. This in turn made the process even longer.


I would just like to add that the issue has now been resolved and I’ve been contacted through in app chat.

However, and you have to laugh… Another agent interrupted our chat by asking how things were… Totally random and another example of the issue!



Also an update for anyone else experiencing the issue…

The problem was due to a conflict with a bill split that was initiated from a Joint Account. This has now been disabled in the app but I must have been unlucky enough to do it while it was possible and it caused all these problems!

I can see why sometimes you are jumped/passed around due to shifts, particular expertise in the issue - I sort of see this akin to ringing a legacy CS and being passed to the “correct team” for your issue - but the anecdotes of some in this thread suggest this has gone a little bit overboard and shows a little bit of inadequacy in dealing with issues.

I’ve recently had to use CS a few times (although no big issues) and had great response times and answers (no Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) but maybe something just needs looking at in regards to the more complex and nuanced issues.

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This does annoy me. Perhaps the original COp should have to write a brief summary for all their open chats before their shift ends.


From personal experience, if my query is passed to the “correct team” on Monzo, the team member usually has a good idea of what’s going on.

It’s more issues of COps ending shifts and a different COp picking up the query then replying without reading (or reading a summary of) the conversation had with the previous COp.


Yeah no I agree, I suppose I was just trying to provide some comparison to what I used to experience with legacy CS - not saying it is an excuse at all - maybe more can be done with reading over what has been said and providing a:

“Hey I’m X and will be taking over from Y, from what I can understand your problem is this… i’ll continue to look into this now for you.”

That might smooth over the potential issues - we do have to remember that COps are real people and not robots so aren’t infallible