Introduce yourself 👋

(Louis Attfield) #1197

Hi all :wave:
I’m Louis, a 23 year old network engineer.
I’ve been using Monzo for almost a year now and It’s great.
I dabble with a bit of programming so I’ll be interested in seeing people projects involving the Monzo API.

(Sam Holland) #1198


A little late in doing this but I’m Sam, 26 (almost) from Manchester and I work in the insolvency industry.

Really enjoying using Monzo and being a part of the community so thanks for having me! :+1:

(Rachel Raybould) #1199

Hi! :wave: Welcome both of you.
@louisattfield and @TheSamHolland

(Marquess Fletcher) #1200

Hi, I’m Richard and Living in London. Honesty is the best policy, I tend to keep my word and fake people agitate me.

Just be yourself :heart:

Also I’m single :wink:

(Michelle Elliott) #1201

Hi Richard, I am Michelle, recently got my Monzo card this month and looking forward to see how it all works. I’m living in London and currently work in hosted telephony services. I’m going on a holiday to New York and was looking for a card I could use while I was there so I didn’t have to walk with cash. This is how I stumbled on Monzo.:grin:

(Ann) #1202

Hi, Ann here.

I’m brand new to Monzo, attracted by the no charge for foreign spending and the prospect of some interest on a saving pot. Shame there’s no saving pots available at the moment but hopefully I won’t have to wait too long.

I spend lots of long weekends in Hungary, Czech or Austria so I’ll be testing out the new card in a couple of weeks.

When I’m not travelling I work as a Business Consultant.

(Jordan) #1203

If you’re planning on using your Monzo card in the States I’d suggest getting used to activating the MAG Strip authorisation in the settings. As you’ll more often than not need to swipe your card and sign than Chip/PIN it. I know this from personal experience :joy::joy:


Just a quick caveat, that setting is only for ATM withdrawals - you don’t need it to pay by swiping the card!

(Jordan) #1205

Oh really? Coulda sworn I needed to activate to pay at terminals as well!

(colin molony) #1206


My name is Colin and I am a Web Developer based in Oxford and opened a Monzo account last year and became an investor in the last round of crowdfunding :grin:

And I have also shared two golden tickets to people :sunglasses:

(Simon) #1207

I tried to pay in Thailand. Normal 7/11
She tried to swipe the card and it flagged instantly on Monzo as someone was trying to use my magnetic strip and I needed to activate it and retry the transaction


How strange - I’ve paid overseas using swipe without activating the option in the app. And the app still makes it clear that it’s for ATMs:

When was your experience? Maybe the shop was somehow emulating an ATM? Or maybe there’s been a recent change on Monzo’s side?

(Simon) #1209

About 10 days ago. Yeah agree it was odd. Not sure what she did but a guy came over and just did it contactless so I didn’t have to do anything.

(Benjamin Milsom) #1210

Hi, my name is Ben and I am a Co-founder of Homewards - an online and in-store (Monzo/Starling users only) cashback programme for Lifetime ISA holders, and their family, to boost home deposit savings effortlessly. We currently have more than 4000+ retailers ready for our launch, and hopefully adding another 1000+ in-store soon. Please reach out if you have any questions/thoughts about how Homewards could help you to buy your first home quicker. Thanks

(Benjamin Milsom) #1211

Hi Tom, saw you’re using Monzo to save for a home. Be interested to hear your thoughts on my company, Homewards - an online and in-store (Monzo/Starling only) cashback programme for first-time buyer and their family. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Ben

(Simon) #1212

Hello everybody. I am Simon and I joined Monzo in December and transferred it to be my main account shortly after.

I work full time as an IT recruiter but I am in the process of learning to be a software developer.

I am a huge tech fan (Apple hardware mostly), I play guitar and a bit of a movie buff.

Pet hates:

Bad manners
People who don’t indicate
Noisy eaters.

(Shari) #1213

You are my kind of person :slight_smile:

Could you please advise on credit cards? I hate interest as well. I opted for an HSBC credit card, they offered me 26m with 0% on purchase. It’s coming to an end and I wonder whether I should go for another one or not. MBNA, Lloyds, Post Office are what I’m looking to go for.

(Splodf) #1214

How long do you keep a balance on the account? I.e. is the balance cleared every month or do you only use a credit card for big purchases…?

If you clear the balance every month, nearly all credit cards will be interested free. If you do this, get a cashback card like Tandem or an Amex.

If it’s the other way. Just go for the longest deal you can get.

(Shari) #1215

Hey, thanks for replying.

To be honest I haven’t used it lately, I’m just trying to clear off the balance, which is over 1k. I’ve used it very stupidly, knowing I didn’t really need it. Now, I need a new laptop, a new camera and it has to be quality equipment, since I want to do animation, photography and graphic design. The balance has been on the account for more than a year let’s say.

(Splodf) #1216

Could you use Monzo pots instead to save up for these things rather then using credit?

If so you could use an Amex nearer the time (once saved up) to get some cashback on the purchase and just pay it off with savings.

Might be especially nice with the Amex and Monzo tie up coming soon.