Introduce yourself 👋


I’m a bit scared to ask, but what do you think the targeted audience is?

(Welcome, by the way! :wave:)

(Nicholas Pitt) #1178

Targeted being the younger generation who regularly use apps. I know a number of people of a similar age as me and older who would be too scared to use the modern ways of banking. I have to say though that I think it is great. Only recently has my Natwest account started showing pending transactions so I can see the proper reflection of my balance. The new services like Monzo show your transactions immediately which I like.

I will probably be looking at switching fully over to Monzo in the near future.


Hi to all, guys :slight_smile:

(charles edwards) #1180

Hello everyone!

(Ben Russell) #1181

Hello everyone
My name is Ben and glad to join the Monzo community.
I have had the same bank account for a what feels like a lifetime so must say how refreshing using monzo has been. Looking forward to keeping up with the forum and with hearing about all the developments


Hi all, Emma here. Hope not too late to join the bandwagon -)

Just ditched my HSBC and RBS and got a joint Monzo account with families. Time for a refresh.

(Harry Dover) #1183

Hey people, I’m Harry, a newbie to the funky banks but here I am!

My friends keep telling me I am missing out by not having a hot pink carol card so I’m trying to find out what the fuss is about!

I’ve heard about the market place coming soon and I can’t wait to see more, then I can switch and finally start putting my investing and banking together! (A man can dream!)


I’m in my fifties and I’ve fully embraced App based banking. Absolutely nothing to be scared of. It’s efficient, generally instantaneous and so easy to accomplish everything I need to personally. The thought of ever having to stand in a High Street bank ever again just fills me with dread. :laughing:


Hey people!

Looking forward to learning more about Monzo! I am currently using FirstDirect and love it, however I do want to see what a new bank can bring to the table.

Excited to meet you all!

(Sam Sherratt) #1186


I’m Sam, 16! New Monzo member and te budgeting tools are second to none!!!

(Catherine ) #1187

Hi I am new to Monzo been with the same bank for 35 years !!! I am loving this App and the pots love the noise everytime I use my card its actually keeping me from overspending !!! Monzo where have you been before lol. Joking aside I am a self employed book keeper and I love the fact I can transfer instantly on my phone the 20% for the tax pot. I have savings pots I am pot mad now. Thank you Monzo :slight_smile: - I love travelling especially to Wales my to do list which is growing includes the northern lights Iceland on a cruise in the Winter !
I love reading and writing another wish on my to do list - write a book

(Ben Holden) #1188

:wave: Hello, you can call me Holden.

A discussion came about at work around two months ago about Monzo. I hadn’t previously heard of it at all. My boss has a Monzo card and was explaining to me a couple of the many benefits of having one, such as the instantaneous notifications, using your card practically anywhere in the world with no exchange fee and the customer service, the UI and UX isn’t too shabby either :wink:

I’ve been using Monzo for around two months now and it has revolutionised my financial health :raised_hands: I thought I’d dwell into this community page, can’t wait to see what Monzo has planned for the future, I’m excited to be a part of the growth :100:

(Kimberley Shepherd) #1189

Hi! :wave: I’m Kim from Scotland and I’ve opened a Monzo account after following the company from the beginning (I needed the security of FSCS before I could jump in). My partner and I are both self-employed and need to get control of our personal finances to relieve some stress so we can grow our businesses. I’ve hated the way the high street banks do business and I’m pleased there is finally some decent competition. I’m really looking forward to using the savings pots and the YNAB integration when I can finally get access!! (what’s up there dudes? :stuck_out_tongue:_)

(Pete) #1190


I’m Pete and very new to Monzo! Loving it so far though.

(John McAllister ) #1191

Hi, my name is Vincent. I’m a retired Telecoms/IT engineer. Having spent many years living out of a suitcase it’s great to relax and enjoy life. I recently bit the bullet and packed in playing golf. I was totally useless at it but wouldn’t give in! Now I just walk to the pub and play a few games of pool. I have been waiting for a bank like monzo for years. I love to keep up to date with technology so this type of banking really appeals to me. I must admit I joined up with a rival bank for a test period but after several crashes of their app I selected Monzo to be my bank. I wish all at Monzo continued success.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1192

Welcome! :wave:

Business accounts are currently on a small scale trial, so you might want to keep an eye on updates here and also give some feedback on what you’d like to see :slight_smile:

(Kimberley Shepherd) #1193

Thanks for the link @Ordog! I’ll be jumping in on that thread soon :smiley:

(Owain Williams) #1194

Hi everyone!
I’ve just joined the community but been using Monzo for almost a year now. Absolutely love the card and the freedom it gives me - so much so that I’ve now got a joint account with my wife and she also now has her own personal Monzo.
Was really pleased to manage to help invest in Monzo at the last opportunity to help raise money through the investor scheme.

I work and live in Edinburgh it would be amazing if Monzo did some meetups up here but I guess we can’t have everything :smile:



Hi I’m Sue. I’ve been with Monzo since Mondo days but only recently started to check in here. My husband has a Monzo account too. We initially used Monzo when we travelled - we still do, but we’ve grown to appreciate and use all of its other features too. We both have a Monzo account for our own money, our joint account is a Starling (shhh don’t tell anyone).

I loathe traditional banks and their creaky, inconvenient ways with a huge vengeance and have been known to throw their little calculator devices across the room in frustration. My husband used to say I suffered from Bank Rage, I used to actively avoid their labyrinthine apps, their multi-layered security, their passwords that changed their names to pass-phrases or login words seemingly at random, and most of all their branches which either had huge queues or were closed when you got there. So for us, the big benefit is that Monzo (and Starling), encourage us to actually take note of what we’re spending and what we have coming in and make more use of it, hence we’re Marcused, Dozened and Emmaed too.

We’re not really target market, both of us are in our 60s, but we both like our tech and are happy to whip out the coral card to impress the hipsters in the local coffee shop :smile:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1196

Haha, great intro! Welcome to the forums :smiley: