Introduce yourself 👋

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That’s right. Most people essentially use the Amex as their spending card, whilst also popping the money into a pot on Monzo - then just pay the balance off at the end of the month.

I’m sure someone will be along to correct me, but I believe AMEX pay all cashback in a lump sum at the end of every year.

An alternative would be Tandem, they pay a lower cashback amount (0.5%), but it is paid monthly. See:

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You’re amazing! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome :wave:

If you want to sell your shares, here is the topic to do so:

I’d also recommend that you get your investors flair added to your forum profile first. This will show potential buyers that you actually own shares to sell. Instructions on how to do this are below:

Hope this helps!

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Hey! I’m Patrick - I’m what they call “Full Monzo” and have been a long time lurker on these community forums but finally decided to sign up and be a part of it (there are some features I’m keen to see after moving away from my previous high street bank)! :house:

Monzo Pots and rounding up of transactions are really helping me save and pay down debts at the moment!

My member number is before 330,000! :muscle:

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Only one I really think is worth having is Amex, to be totally honest. The America Rewards Credit Card is great - totally free, and the points convert to Delta SkyMiles which are far more valuable to me than any cashback scheme.

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I’m thinking about joining Monzo but my only hesitation is that it’s app-based. I’m a bit old skool and wondered if there are any web interface functions - as I find it easier to see small detail/type on my laptop? I’m really trying to get in control of my finances! Thanks

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There’s an emergency web interface but that only lets you see the last 50 transactions and freeze your card, no other functions.

It’s an app based bank, you need to use the app


I’m hopeful that a better web interface might come as the happy side effect of business banking. Probably not until the end of the year, if not later, though…

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Thanks! Wondered what is available on the current web interface?


Take a look! It’s here:

(It’s pretty basic - billed as for emergencies only)

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Hey people,

I’m Matteo, been on Monzo since 2016 but now decided to snoop around and provide some feedback in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m an(other) Italian in London :pizza:been working in startups for the past 3.5 years in Marketing.

Obsessed with learning new things and reading books, love a good yoga class and a graffiti session on an East London’s (legal) wall :man_artist:

Looking forward to exploring more the community :hugs:


Welcome @titta91 :wave:

You’ve certainly got a strong emoji game :muscle: so you’ll fit right in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :monzopride:

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Thanks, Pete G and Coral crew!

Looking forward to learn emojis from the best in town :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey folks! :wave:

I’m Chris but most people call me Tunny. I’m 26 and work as a software engineer for an IT consulting company.

I joined Monzo a few weeks back but have known about it for a few months. I’m currently using it as my spending account but am tempted to take the leap and go full Monzo soon. The main reason for me joining Monzo was just how easy and convenient everything is, it’s truly a new and better way of banking.

Anyway… I’ve been lurking for a week or so on here so thought I’d go ahead and make my first post.

See you around! :smile:

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. malc%202015%20-2-%20png

Web/Social Media esign and content consultant

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(Michel. Nasr) #1237

How Can I open a MasterCard with you…

(Jack) #1238

Yes ,as long as you’re 16 or over and have a UK address for the card to be delivered. Simply download the app from the App Store to get started.

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