Introduce yourself 👋


Hi Im Max from Uk and new to this community
I just invested some of my saving into crowdfunding this morning but I cant see stated on my status ps: I used same email for register here as the one I use for my monzo account

(Tom Reynolds) #1021

Hi :wave::wave::wave:

Tom here, been a member for around a year. Curiously watched from the sidelines for a while - missed out on Beta, was recommended to join by a friend just prior to Current Accounts being offered so had to wait a short while whilst the ‘Golden Ticket’ bumped me up the list.

Particular fan of pots, and how simple it is to ‘ping’ friends money for :pizza: and all that good stuff.

History of working in financial services - insurance broker followed by building society.

Tempted to go #FullMonzo, but I still find cold hard :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: alluring, perhaps those days are numbered.

Joined this mornings crowdfunding - very happy to be supporting such a positive movement.

I like:
:dog: dogs
:movie_camera: movies
:chart_with_upwards_trend: spreadsheets :nerd_face:
:video_game: fortnite
:black_joker: poker :spades::hearts::clubs::diamonds:
:oncoming_automobile: cars

I’m fiercely competitive :1st_place_medal:

Monzo is going to help me plan my finances better so I can save for a :house: and avoid nasty card fees when I :beach_umbrella:

I’ve been told I over-emoji :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Hoping to make a more regular appearance here with my fellow :monzo:ers


I’m a long time Monzo user - since beta and have invested each time the opportunity arose but first time on the community forum :slight_smile:

I’m a environmental scientist in training and occasionally proactive in conservation projects from protesting gm crops to marine conservation, beach cleans, increasing species diversity and ending single plastic bottle use with the ‘refill’ campaign etc.

I very happy with how Monzo works from a customer view point and grateful this type of banking now exists ~ yay!


Hi all!

I’ve been a Monzo user intermittently since the BETA (initially got it because I was going travelling and didn’t want to pay the extortionate card fees!) and have in the last 2 months decided to go “Full Monzo” - and was lucky enough to get in the Crowdfunding round :rocket: this morning and decided to join in on the Monzo Community! :grinning:

Really like Monzo and what they have done/continuing to do and looking forward to seeing what they do next!

(Andrew Marsh) #1024

I’m Andrew, ancient, slow, less able than I once was, single, divorced, twice. Staff member to an 8.5 year old feline, who even now is planning world domination.

(Lee) #1025

Hey there! I’m Kiffy from Manchester! Been a Monzo user since the Beta (I wanna say September last year) and have been endlessly happy with how everything is working out. Am now an Investor and decided to jump on the community side seeing as I hadn’t before.


Welcome everyone, great to have you here on the community forum!

(For those of you wondering where your investor flair is, it’ll be along in a few days when Monzo do some magic in the background!)

(Daniel Yates) #1028

Hi i’m Daniel, and i’ve recently opened a Monzo current and joint account with my wife. I’m so excited to see how this product grows, especially the business account as I run my own Wedding Film business. Having lived with debt all my working life (about 18 years), we finally became debt free this year after discovering an American money guru called Dave Ramsey. His sound advice literally changed our lives and now we’re keen to use Monzo to stay on track with our monthly budget.

(Jack) #1029

Welcome All :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear your introductions!

What’s do you like best about Monzo so far?

(Daniel Yates) #1030

Got to be the realtime notifications and the speed of the app. My main bank account is currently with Santander and their app is atrocious!

(Simon Stilwell) #1031

Hi I’m Simon, I just invested and am keen to see how the business grows and changes over the next few years.

(Pauline Millican) #1032

I LOVE my Monzo card and think Monzo is definitely going places. I really wanted to take part in the crowdfunding but was too late (ill in bed with flu yesterday) and now am so sad : (. If you have another round of crowdfunding is it possible to put in orders ahead of time or does it have to be in real time?

(Duane E O'Conner) #1033

Another random post to say ‘hi’, and get my ‘first post’ out of the way. Also wanted to see if I had a cool ‘investor’ badge.

(Tom) #1034

Welcome! :wave:


It worked :wink:

@cookywook - Not sure I like the double bubble on the profile pics, but I guess if you didn’t do that, 90% of people would be an investor :joy:

If we get any more flair there’ll be no point in having avatars!
(Tom) #1036

I’m only seeing the one, a little rocket icon bottom right?


Interesting… I’m seeing the normal “member status” of “1, 2, 3 or 4” and then the investor (rocket) icon overlapping it (if they have one).

(Tom Reynolds) #1038

Hmm, I’m also just seeing the rocket - maybe close and re-open?

(Tom) #1039

Hang on, that’s literally just popped up for me now, as I was scrolling the page.

Someone is fiddling.

EDIT: Just watched the number appear top right, then jump to top left :thinking:


Me too - It’s going mad :joy: