Introduce yourself 👋

(Matt C) #1000

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

(Matt C) #1001

Hi Ken - it is simple indeed! :smiley: Hope you enjoy your time on the forum as much as your time using the app. Feel free to join in with the discussions, most of us don’t bite :wink:

(Matt C) #1002

Hi Shazia :wave: thanks for joining us! Hope you find the forum helpful :smiley:

(Kieran Oakes) #1003

Hello everyone!

I have a long term passion for simplifying finance to make it more accessible for everyone. I’m glad to be part of a movement which is putting this into practice using the latest technology and the best customer service I have experienced.

My journey so far has led me to joining Monzo as a banking customer in June 2018. I was extraordinarily impressed with the functionality and the user interface of the Monzo app. The most impressive thing though is the people. It is so refreshing to finally find a company which speaks your own language! People are the jewels of any successful business and Monzo is just glistening with treasure! I got help when I needed it most and it has left a lasting impression.

I’m currently in the process of applying for a career with Monzo in the Customer Operations team. My background is in customer service and when I saw that Monzo was hiring I could not have jumped quicker at the opportunity to be part of something special. The process so far has been very fast and informative and I’m looking forward to receiving any feedback and I have both my fingers crossed that I can move forward to the next stage :pray::grin:

In the more immediate future I’m planning to move some of the funds I have invested in cryptocurrency to buying some Monzo shares which are on sale on 05/12/2018 at 10:00AM. I would much rather put my investment towards something which is helping people!

I’m glad to be part of the community here and I have learned so much already from the content users have created here on this forum. I look forward to whatever will happen in the future and I’m glad to be part of HMS Monzo :passenger_ship::grinning:

(Matt) #1004

Hello folks!

I’m Matt - currently studying law at uni so you can imagine how crucial good budgeting is right now… :grin:

Thanks go to Save the Student and Money Saving Expert for introducing me to Monzo. How refreshing it is to have a bank that is fully community oriented - both in terms of those running it and the community itself. I recently switched my main account for a better student account with a well known bank to remain unnamed - think Espanol and flames - but its online banking information was next to USELESS for budgeting, leaving a LOT to be desired, (no pending transactions - come on, it’s almost 2019!!).

Monzo is a game changer for me and as I can see, many others. Cheers for creating a brilliant, simple product. I think Monzo is in for the long run as far as fintech goes. I look forward to sharing ideas and getting to know this community better, and seeing Monzo grow and develop into the future.

(Jack) #1005

Welcome @KieranO & @Matt.F

Thanks for the great introductions. I hope you enjoy being a part of the community here at Monzo :mondo: :rocket:

Good luck with the application @KieranO

And I hope your great budgeting continues @Matt.F :slight_smile:

(Nicola) #1006

Hi I have my account open today so in a bit of a panic! What is the limit for individual transactions? If it’s only £30 it would mean I have to pay for everything else (food,tickets, shoes etc) with a credit card, is that right?

(Tom) #1007

Hi Nicola, you can see what the limits are via the Help page in-app, and start typing “Limits”. But it’s certainly higher than £30.

EDIT: the £30 limit might relate to Apple Pay :thinking:

(Nicola) #1008

Thank you

(Gary Dean) #1009

I’m Gary. I’m 50 years old and am in the process of moving back to the UK after 20 plus years living in Switzerland. I’ve just started with my Monzo account and I really like what I see so far. It’s a great app!
I work in IT and spend most of my time road cycling or in the pub.



Contactless payments directly on the card.

(Tom) #1011

Ah yeah, that makes more sense!

(Alexander James Barclay) #1012

Hi I’m Alex, I’m a roadie with a well known rock band and travel the world on tour. Monzo has completely changed the way I think about expenses and has transformed my accounting process. The ability to send an excel spreadsheet for the whole year’s expenses to my accountant, is making me think I may not need an accountant anymore!!! I’m considering investing tomorrow, but have never bought shares before. Can I sell them whenever I want? Anyway, love the Monzo card -It’s the best as it works all over the globe and helps you keep an eye on exchange rates as soon as you make transactions… Like the time I took my laundry to a local place in Costa Rica and they dry cleaned the whole lot for £112, oh dear: my spanish obviously isn’t as good as I thought :joy::grimacing:

(Leigh Coombs) #1013

Happy Tuesday all. Im brand new here but a Monzo “beta user”.

My Wife and I run a small accountancy practice (with IT services) so we prepare company accounts, run VAT returns and supply Office 365 licenses (for example).

I joined Monzo back in the day as I travel a lot and I wanted a card that didn’t take the mickey when using abroad!! Monzo fitted the bill nicely. I now use Monzo as my personal current account (you know the stuff to hide from the Wife!!) :blush:

I like Monzo, from what I have seen im really interested in the company and its vision for the future of banking. Banks in my opinion have been old fashioned, poor service and basically a rip off. I have had personal accounts with Natwest, Cahoot, Santander and Business accounts with Natwest, Santander, Barclays.

We are pretty savvi with money, we have credit cards but never pay any interest, we use the 0% period then pay in full and open another (for holidays and bigger purchases) we buy the monthly items on a reward based card and pay this off in full each month.

We collect air miles and avios and had a full on holiday this year thanks to BA, flights and hotel paid for with avios (small cost for taxes) <£300 (family of three)

Will i invest tomorrow? You bet! :heart_eyes:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #1014

" I’m considering investing tomorrow, but have never bought shares before. Can I sell them whenever I want? "

Hi Alex, welcome to Monzo community forum , it might be worth reading the crowdfunding thread if youre considering putting in a reasonable amount

(Stuart) #1015

Hi I’m Stuart,

Started using monzo recently and very impressed.

Havnt gone full Monzo yet due to lending facilities not being quite up to Barclays Premier yet.

I actually own my own business that is a disruptor business in another sector so seeing Monzo is a welcome into the market.

I downloaded Starling and Monzo but preferred Monzo so Sterling has gone.

Looking forward to the 5th Crowdfunding.

(Rob) #1016

Hi, I’m Rob,

Had monzo since May, after a few of my mates were talking about it, now gets a lot of use tracking my spending on certain things (lunch :sweat_smile:).
I’ve kept an eye on the forum for a while, while looking at the new features being released and seeing what people think of it… But I’ve now decided to put into the crowdfunding, so figured may as well jump into the forum properly :grinning:


Hi there,

I’m Gian, moved from Australia to London 1 years and just recently became a Monzo customer.

I believe I have and had a total of 15 bank accounts and no-one impressed me like Monzo.

I’m a software engineer and the reason why I joined the Monzo community are:

  1. to be updated on news and topics
  2. to be able to submit suggestions and feature requests

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Tom) #1018

Welcome aboard, all! :wave:

(Richard McIntyre) #1019

Hi I am Rich,

I haven’t been active on the forum even though a member for 2 years. Since investing perhaps more than I should have today I am keen to keep an eye on things a little more! :wink: