Introduce yourself 👋

(Neil Hopwood) #979

HI I’m Neil. I work I economic development and l was introduced to Monzo by a friend. Love the functionality of the app and particularly got the card as I will be travelling overseas for a big trip next year. Plus I love the cool colour of the card! :grinning:

(Neil Hopwood) #980

HI HilariAwesome! I/m coming to Japan next year for the Rugby world cup, would love some travel tips, particularly how to find smaller hotels & B&Bs type places. We want to see the real Japan. :grinning:

(Joseph Eric Harrington) #981

Hi, my name is Eric, I hate that there is so much football televised so that it interupts the regular schedules of broadcasters. Not only that but they’re not just content enough with showing the match, they then have a load of “has beens” disecting it for another hour. Next “The News” is shown and guess what, F****ng highlights of the match thats just been shown.
God give me strength!!!

(prasanthi) #982


Myself Prasanthi. I’m glad being a part of this forum. I am interested in technologies and its upcoming, looking forward to gaining more knowledge through this forum and share my views in discussions.

Thank you.