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Myself Prasanthi. I’m glad being a part of this forum. I am interested in technologies and its upcoming, looking forward to gaining more knowledge through this forum and share my views in discussions.

Thank you.

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I’m Naushad and saw a friend using Monzo and signed up.


I’m Mike, I currently reside in Wigan but I don’t like rugby. Originally from Liverpool but don’t like football, or any sports really. I’ve worked in retail nearly all of my working life.
I’m a lover of all things Tech related.
I’ve been using Monzo for a few months now to pay all my bills, still trying to convince the wife to ditch the legacy bank.

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Hi Neil! Sorry for my delayed response. Regarding to finding smaller hotels or B&B places, you can always use Airbnb as you probably have expected to hear but also if you are really willing to stick with something authentically Japanese, try to search “Minshuku”:
If you are coming to Kyoto, I got an amazing list of where to go :wink:

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Welcome @NeilDHopwood , @Jericha , @prasanthi , @MM01 , @unclehairy , @Hilariawesome and all the others who’ve joined recently :smiley:

Feel free to get involved in any discussions you find, no one here bites!
If you have any questions try searching to see if it’s been answered previously using the :mag: icon in the top right. Alternatively feel free to start your own topic or post in the one linked below:
Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly :slightly_smiling_face:)

It’s great to see so many users joining the forum :rocket:

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Hi Hilari, lovely to hear back from you and thanks for the link. Definitely want to ‘go authentic’. Hopefully keep in touch and maybe meet up when I come to Kyoto? I am so excited about my trip to Japan, it looks amazing! N

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greetings :grin: just joined the community after poking around for a while!
pretty rare to find an organization of people with ideas and a business (especially a bank) that share a lot of values significantly similar to myself. i absolutely love every single thing i’ve read, seen and heard from monzo, and have had an excellent experience with the app.

additionally it’s great to see a vibrant community supporting the teams who are #making-monzo and the users providing valuable feedback.

after observing and experiencing financial difficulty growing up, and the various ways it impacts other areas of people’s lives, the way monzo conducts itself through its refreshing transparency, reasonings and customer-centric actions and functions, are simply outstanding :v:

within a couple days of account opening, i loved it so much i took the plunge and went full monzo, trusting it with all of my finances, DDs, SOs, salary, etc. it’s been nothing short of amazing. as someone working in one of the major banks myself currently, it was a pleasure to change my payroll to monzo.
have gotten several people to join, and look forward to monzo becoming the best bank for over a billion people! :+1:

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:monzo::monzo::monzo: Welcome to the community :monzo::monzo::monzo:
Glad to hear you’re loving the #FullMonzo life, I can only imagine you’ll love it even more now that you’re a part of (one of) the best forums in the World! Enjoy :grin:!

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Hi everyone :wave:

My name’s Ben. Joined Monzo community today after having a poke around - I’ve been a Monzo customer for about a year now, went #fullmonzo about 6/7mnths ago, but never got involved in the community side of things…until now!

I’m currently a marketing manager working for an agency in the East Midlands, I also have my own (part time) events management company too. I’m currently very passionate about digital accessibility, just partnered with Shaw Trust Accessibility Services in Wales to ensure that all of our digital services are accessible by disabled people.

Also, to many people’s dismay, I am an Arsenal fan (but I’ll leave that part out of as much as I can).

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HI Jack, thanks for the welcome message! What’s the best way to engage here? I find the format a bit confusing, do I just dive into a subject and chat? Can I 'link up with people on here e.g. in a group or something so we can chat regularly about stuff as well if we share similar interests etc?

I’m travelling to Japan next year and keen to get some tips and ideas for the trip.
Neil H

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Hi Ben, why would you want to leave out supporting the best team in the UK? :thinking::wink: Welcome to the Monzo community.

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Hey Neil,

That’s right you can just dive into any topic and reply to the conversation :blush:. If you have a topic of interest you’d like to discuss but can’t find an existing one using search, feel free to create it.

The forum does allow direct messages, so if you want to speak to people privately you can also do that. Just click on their name and choose message.

This topic may be a good place to start If you’re off to japan: 🇯🇵 Monzo in Japan [Discussion]

Let us know how the trip goes! :airplane:

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My friend who got some tickets for the world cup told me that many accommodations around those studiams have been fully booked up already so probs you should get places to stay asap!

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Hi there, I’m Silvia, italian 26 yo girl, I just moved in Scotland to find my place in the world ^^ I’m an herbalist, chronic dreamer, tireless would-be-writer, and cat person.

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cat person


Also you might want to have a look at this thread.


Hey guys, new to the Monzo forums at least, but been with Monzo for a good long while now!

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Hi everybody. I’m new to Monzo and the community. I like what I’ve found out so far about Monzo. So simple!

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Welcome to the forum :smiley:

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Hi Ken - it is simple indeed! :smiley: Hope you enjoy your time on the forum as much as your time using the app. Feel free to join in with the discussions, most of us don’t bite :wink: