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Welcome all! :wave::wave:

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I noted a lot of negative discussion on the Q initiative - and I was confused. how can so many people have such strong opinions on something that is in its early stage of development. Imagine if you will the Q and Earth Dollar become allies in delivering a new service to humanity - imagine further that the UN uses it in the development of the United Nations Resident coordinator and the distribution of funds intended by the SDG’s - sustainable development goals.

if you have some imagination you can get over your bias of “free is too expensive” and / or I smell b/s. get over your bias and look at what be if we use our common intelligence and get over our bias’s against things. I for one was repelled by the mention of Bitcoin and also the notion of Free. Let’s follow the development honestly and keep our minds open - to use technology to serve humankind and have the naysayers just keep out of the way.

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Equally, if somebody offers you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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a good code to go by. I often say free is too expensive. However - in the case of Q, after having done some investigation I can envision a way for this “free gift” to be utilized for the benefit of all. My approach is to bring other ideas to it that can benefit from its use. for example the Earth Dollar is also a project that sounds too good to be true - but we can bring these two ideas together and integrate with the implementation of the newly trained UNRC (United Nations Resident Coordinator) and both together can save hundreds of billions of dollars and assist in the implementation of the SDG’s (sustainable development goals).
every so often we have to open our minds to the possibilities of what might be achieved if we used our collective intelligence.
I trust you can learn how to do this. Using Po is a great tool for accomplishing this task.

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Hi, it’s Pavlina great to be in board, are you planning to also create business accounts?

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Hi again it’s pavlina proteou, I dont have IOS10 I can only wotk this account from my lap top is that ok?


Hi @BeyondCSR,

I’m afraid you can only use Monzo from an iOS device or an Android device (that meets the requirements).


Hey guys!

Nice to e-meet you and become a part of your community!

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Hi Richard,

I hope that you are well. Do you have an affiliate program? I would love to talk to somebody about rewarding new customers for signing up for Monzo. We are doing something very similar with another big online bank in Germany and soon in the UK.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Hi … I work for a legacy bank. Not saying which or what I do. I like football MILLWALL. ( season ticket )I am not a hooligan. I love anything to do with finance. I love holidays, going out and modern art. I dislike people who support big football teams and never go. I hate paying anything to banks ( look at the bosses bonuses ) they don’t need my money. Mines a lager, come on you lions…


Hi there. I’ve used Monzo since July when I found out a mate of mine was going to work there. Really glad I signed up - it’s done wonders for my budgetting habits already. That next trip to Green Bay to watch the Packers play seems closer already!


Ooooof - Tough season so far :wink:


:worried: not gonna lie, I’ve enjoyed other seasons more!

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Hey there, long-term lurker and early Monzo adopter here (beta user I think).

My name is Ben and I’m planning on going #fullmonzo :wink:

I’m very interested in fintech startups and Monzo, in particular, having watched the progress for a long time. The final decision for me to commit, or try to commit to using Monzo as my primary bank was the launch of the Joint Account feature. Its important for my wife and I to have shared access to the bank balance.

I live on the Isle of Wight and I run my own business, Powered Now (, we are a software company that helps trade businesses (think plumbers, builders etc) run their companies. Our software deals with their invoicing, quoting, workflow, team management etc. If anyone is interested, just drop me a message!

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Hi Richard! I am a full time staff at a NPO which in a field of human resource development in Kyoto, Japan. One of our biggest projects is designing seminars/workshops for a local bank which is searching for a new shape of community bank to survive from the wave of automation. Although I actually got to know about Monzo from a random customer at a cocktail bar last night and he recommended to use Monzo card when I told him that I travel a lot to see my many friends in Europe. So obviously I am a person who got a big passion for drink, food, traveling and social innovation :wink:

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Shameless! :joy:

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HI I’m Neil. I work I economic development and l was introduced to Monzo by a friend. Love the functionality of the app and particularly got the card as I will be travelling overseas for a big trip next year. Plus I love the cool colour of the card! :grinning: