Introduce yourself 👋

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Hey welcome :wave:

Just to quickly answer your question… Monzo sadly don’t have a business account yet and no words on an ETA either. Hope this helps and don’t forget to post your feedback in the intrest discussion topic too - it all helps :slight_smile:

(Tom) #941

Monzo have made noises about being interested in exploring business accounts, but nothing firmer than that as yet, unfortunately.

Starling do a business account, might be worth checking them out, they have FSCS protection.

(Sam Muir) #942

Hey guys!

My name is Sam, I’ve been using Monzo for about 6 months, and I have finally made the full switch from TSB to Monzo! I’m new to this community - and looking forward to meeting and chatting with a few of you! <3


Hi, were can I find the info I need to make a bank transfer? Sort code account no? what info do I need to make a transfer?

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In the app click on the ‘Account’ tab and your account number and sort code is at the top of this page underneath your name.


Thank You


Hi Richard, I am a committed Monzo user and wanted to congratulate you and the team for the vibrant positive and disruptive developments which you have generated into the banking sector. You seem to have identified a rich seam of defining individual customer needs and seeking ways to serve them. Truly a highly socially conscious inventive bank. Without going into detail I have spent most of my time with others disrupting the status quo of 2 industries and busy with another. Well done Monzo

(Jack Tominey) #947

Hey everyone :wave:

I work for Mastercard and do lots of lovely marketing. I like colours and numbers scare me lots :scream: I’m into cycling, going out for food and coffee. Always coffee.

I’ve joined Monzo to have better control on spending (cycling and London-priced coffee are expensive habits) and to learn from how you’re doing things. Loving it so far!

Have a brill day everyone :slight_smile:


You can’t just leave it there…! :wink:

(Welcome, by the way, great to have your on board)


Hi Peter.

I can separately direct you to LinkedIn :smile:

(saurabh banerjee) #950

Hello, I am Saurabh. Recently opened an account with Monzo Bank.

(Ray) #951

Hey everyone, I’ve actually been on here a little while but haven’t really introduced myself yet.

My name’s Ray, I’m the side of 30 that I don’t think it’s important to talk about anymore and I’ve been with Monzo since February 2017, when my partner got wind of it when researching about spending money in New Zealand. I opened an account and shortly afterwards went spending in Copenhagen (which is a great place to visit) and was hooked. I now run my Monzo account alongside my legacy Nationwide account.

Oh, and I also work in a “leading modern university” where I often see students in the queue for the cafe fishing out a hot coral card to pay…


Welcome all! :monzopride:

(Russell Knight) #953

Hey, just loving Monzo and the future potential. I’m a scrum master in financial services change in one of the traditional big boys and I think we’re in trouble in the future if we can’t keep up with you guys! Loving your work.

(maria hernandez de marin) #954

Hola Soy Maria2 y estoy aprendiendo a usar Monzo. Viajo constanteme en America. Y mi hija vive en Londres

Puedo usar Monzo desde America


Holà Maria ! Normalemente hablamos ingles aqui, pero bienvenidos al Communidad !

(y lo siento - no hablo mucho español!)

Hey Maria! We usually speak English around here, but welcome to the Community!

(and sorry for my rubbish Spanish!)


Hi :wave:t4:, I’m Mk , new to the community

(Jack) #957


Feel free to get involved in any discussions you find, no one here bites :slight_smile:
If you have any questions try searching to see if it’s been answered previously using the :mag: icon in the top right. Alternatively feel free to start your own topic or post in the one linked below:
Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly :slightly_smiling_face:)

What’s your favorite thing about Monzo?

(Ray) #958

The feeling that you are a part of something significant, a club almost.

And the friendly community!

(Laura) #959

Hi I’m Laura and I’m from the UK. :wave:t3:

Have read some great things on the community forum since I joined Monzo earlier this year and wanted to make some suggestions myself. Less of a bystander and more involved!