Introduce yourself 👋

(Hannah MacDonald) #915

Hello! So i’ve been a lurker for a long time, a monzonaut since April 2018 and thought it was time I hopped on to say a proper hello!

I got a job at Monzo because I was a HUGE fan, joining in August 2016 and had such a great experience by early 2017 I was telling my friend I would get a job at Monzo. By Christmas 2017 I had applied and thankfully they wanted me as much as I wanted them! I am the Supplier Operations manager which means I help look after our commercial relationships and compliance. I work with all the other teams at Monzo helping them with whatever they need from a deal with someone like Amazon, to a hiring contract with a recruiter!

Outside of work I live a very split life. I am a country girl at heart, have 2 horses at home but love the buzz of city life. I am a huge music fan and love festivals here in the UK and Europe and a big house music fan and can often be found on the dancefloor of a few well known establishments :headphones:

(Eve) #916

Glad you’re on the forum now- please stick around! :heartbeat:

(Neil M) #917

Hi name is Neil, I have just finished my Temporary work at the University of Oxford working on their big ORLO(Oxford Online reading list) and I am looking for a new start career wise…I come from a background in Biological research/Programming.
Currently been with Monzo since the start of the year as a customer and have just started playing with Monzo’s API and learning Auth0 so I can look at if statements and Automated Pot deposits/ just generally trying to mess about with it
P.S @simonb I saw you were hiring, but I couldn’t DM you due the chat restriction. :joy:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #918

Welcome @NeilM :wave:

Your background in bio research/programming sounds cool, have fun messing with the API! If you want to automate some pot deposits though people tend to use IFTTT since Monzo has integration with it :slight_smile:

In regards to private messaging I think you only unlock that after being on the forums posting a while. While you’re waiting for @simonb to respond, if you haven’t seen already there is a topic here about Monzo COps which has lots of people discussing their experience with the application process.

Then there is their job vacancies page

Hope all this helps!

(Neil M) #919

Hey @Ordog,
The main reason I am posting was just to introduce myself so that when I come to formally apply recruitment people and others can put a name to a ‘digital face’ as it were, rather than just a random application.
Hmm well the API is um fun :joy: Learning AuthO is very interesting.
I am just about to delve fully into IFTTT so we will see how that gets on.
Thank you for the Blog Post link :slight_smile:

(Jack) #920

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(John Christiansen) #926

Hello, fellow Monzites (is there a collective noun for Monzo account holders?)

I’m John: I’m a quantitative risk consultant (modelling, AI, machine learning, bayesian, probabilistic / predictive analytics and the likes) and on my third career so far, and in my late 40s.

Me and my partner Dora (also a new Monzite!) live with our labrador, Poppy, on Shooters Hill. mXlOxKGNSaiFJax8NT6wtQ|375x500

We’ve come to Monzo from Metro Bank where (shame) I’m a former employee. I love Metro Bank and their branch thing (especially their love for dogs) but their idea to charge ~3% for me to spend my own money on my debit card outside of SEPA is pretty much the final straw.

(Larissa ) #927

Hi Richard. Nice meeting you. I am glad to be part of the community too. It has escaped my mind participating further for general discussions. But a thought ran by my mind just now, and luckily someone had posted it to the forum. It reminded that I had an account here, which is good. I also enjoy when it specifies your activity thoroughly on the group. It incentives more time spent here. I am sure there are a lot of good forum topics that are extremely beneficial. Looking forward to participating more.

(Larissa ) #928

Hi Martin.
I’d like to contribute to the forum by asking if you are enjoying it. Are you on the Beta account or have you fully transferred everything onto the normal one?
Kid Regards,

(Andy) #929

Hi @Larissao21 Welcome to the forums :wave: just incase you weren’t aware - Monzo don’t have any beta or prepaid account anymore. Monzo is now a fully functioning current account.

(Larissa ) #930

Oh, I must have been with them for far too long then. Thanks for letting me know!

(Jack) #931

Welcome @JWCChristiansen hope you enjoy the monzo product! :slight_smile:

(Karen Pedley) #932

Hi - new to Monzo and am trying to set account up. Having problems with app on mobile it stops working when I try to verify ID. Also whats the next step to get a Monzo card - I had a “golden ticket link” but not sure what to do now???

(Andy) #933

Hi @kwpedley no need for a golden ticket, Monzo is open to everyone. If you’re having trouble verifying ID you can contact Monzo at for support

(Damien) #934

Hi :wave:

I’m Damien from Belfast, I have just joined Monzo & also just went #fullmonzo.

I’m looking forward to great things :grin:

(David I) #935

@damienm welcome. A quick change from new joiner to #fullmonzo. I wish I had been able to do so by now.

I have this week moved over to salary into Monzo which is a positive step :slight_smile:

(Maria) #936

Hola everybody! :hatched_chick:
My name is Maria, and I am a freelance UX/UI Graphic Designer.
I started using Monzo a year ago, and I am an absolutely Monzo fan since then :raised_hands:! I love its bank’s concept as opposed to more traditional banks used to be, something boring and tedious. However, with Monzo is easy and fun to keep track of your money, and to keep your friends as it’s easy to pay them back anytime, plus the nice look of the shiny coral card (when I go to Spain, everybody loves it).

I am happy to be part of your community and hopefully I can go to one of your events soon! :crossed_fingers:


(Jack) #937

Wellcome, @Mipama , @FirstRulez & @Damienm !

Hope you enjoy being part of the community. Feel free to join in on any discussion :slight_smile:

(Damien) #938

Thank you buddy :+1:


Evening all. New to Monzo and currently using it as a trial would-be second current account with a view to transferring over in total in the near future if all goes well. I have been with a very traditional, quite stuffy bank, a private bank, for about 19 years. Someone put me onto Revolut, and I love it and then I heard about Monzo and opens an account a few days ago. One of the key things for me is to have enough interest paying pots as that’s how I run my expenses and regular savings for them. I have been following the pots discussions with interest - useful unintended pun- but I won’t move unless I know that I am going to get a decent interest rate on savings and have quick and easy access. I also run my own private consultancy business in my own spare time so I need a business account for that, not sure whether Monzo runs business accounts. I could run that on Revolut possibly but would prefer an fscs bank… anyway that’s enough for now…